1. UFM Boxer Briefs vs. Men's Padded Underwear

    Men's padded underwear can be designed to protect, enhance, or do both. Underwear For Men manufactures briefs and boxer briefs for men that need consistent support. Our men's underwear suits your body because of the adjustable pouch incorporated into the boxer briefs. Padded underwear provides your body with support, enhances you look, and might serve a medical purpose.

  2. Deion Sanders Showing Some Love For UFM - Underwear For Men

    Football Legend Deion Sanders invited UFM Underwear For Men to his annual Black & Red Gala in Atlanta. UFM team members had the opportunity to enjoy the company of football legends Deion Sanders and Ray Buchanan.

  3. Pouch Underwear Review: Under Armour Boxerjock

    Are you an Under Armour wearer? If you've been wearing this brand for a considerable amount of time, what makes you like the brand you wear? The Under Armour Boxerjock with the 6-inch inseam has a number of advantageous features that attract a man's allegiance. This brand of men's underwear is  is one of the best selling in the world. Underwear For Men encourages you to reassess your underwear choices and make an informed decision about the pouch underwear  you wear.

  4. Underwear That Stops Chafing

    Chafing occurs when one are of the body rubs against another and causes the skin to develop a rash. If you are a man, you have experienced chafing at one point or another.

  5. Review: Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief

    Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief is stylish, functional and very affordable at less than $10.00/pair.

  6. Review: Frigo Underwear

    Frigo underwear is packed with technology, but at $100/pair is it worth all the hype?

  7. Sexy Mens Underwear: UFM Boxer Briefs

    The age old question that plagues men is -- what underwear does my partner want me to wear? You don't need to wear uncomfortable men's underwear with cut outs and detailed features to impress someone. In fact, in a recent poll conducted by GQ, 64.5% of women prefer boxer briefs on their guy. No matter the reason, a switch to boxer briefs can impress your partner and also leave you feeling more comfortable. Accentuate your body but also experience what it's like to have properly fitting, sexy mens underwear with Underwear For Men. Our boxer briefs are designed to support your manhood, keep you cool, and provide you with comfort while also being sexy men underwear.

  8. Do You Only Sell Boxer Briefs?

    Are you interested in all of the style UFM has to offer to customers? Our company proudly sells both briefs and boxer briefs. To answer the question, "Do you just sell boxer briefs?" We say, "No. We sell boxer briefs as well as briefs." It is important to know men's underwear from UFM are not your traditional pouch underwear option either. Whether you are a briefs wearer or a boxer briefs man, our underwear company has the right option to suit your needs. Because of our unique adjustable pouch design, you get a pair of men's underwear unlike any other. Give UFM men's underwear a try in briefs or boxer briefs.

  9. Is UFM Underwear Similar to Pouch Underwear?

    More and more men are making the logical switch to pouch underwear. Underwear For Men makes a unique pouch underwear option that is unlike what any other brand on the market is able to promise. Our unique design created the right balance between style and function. So how is our underwear different than the competition? Underwear For Men's US patented and Intl patents pending design includes an adjustable pouch. With the simple tie of a drawstring, you a custom fit pouch to suit your unique size. We don't ascribe to the one-size-fits-all solution for our pouch underwear.

  10. Types of Mens Underwear - Underwear for Men

    Most guys don't think too much about their underwear. Many men tend to stick with the underwear option they've been wearing for years. Are you a briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers kind of guy? If you are wearing the same underwear you've been sticking to you for years, there is definitely a better option out there for you. The mens underwear industry has made significant progress in the past few years. In 2013, Underwear For Men started the trend toward adjustable pouch underwear. Switch to our brand if you are ready to support your manhood, decrease discomfort, and prevent chafing. What type of underwear is right for you?


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