Underwear For Men - The Best Underwear For Hot Weather

Underwear For Men - The Best Underwear For Hot Weather

Underwear For Men offers a patented drawstring support pouch that offers lift, isolation, support, safety, security, and comfort. Combine this with our moisture wicking materials and you have the best cooling underwear around.

The Battle Against Hot Weather

The Problems With Hot Weather

Do you come in from outdoor work with your clothing soaked through with sweat? Even in environments that snow people can get hot and sweaty underneath all of their layers of clothing. There is no escape! What we can do it battle back with the right equipment to try and make sure that even though we sweat, we stay comfortable. 

Do you find yourself constantly chafing because your underwear get wet and never dry-off? The hottest time of year means your body is constantly fighting the heat and sweating just to stay cool. But most underwear gets wet with sweat and never truly dries off. That is why you need material that are made to moisture wick. Keeping both you and your underwear dry. 

Sticking leads to adjusting which leads to embarassing moments of grabbing, pulling, and moving. The more you sweat the more likely you are to have your package stick to your legs. Leading to the classic readjustment that men are all too familiar with doing. Thankfully, support pouch underwear has given us a way to keep our package secured in one place. 

No More Adjustments Needed!


The Failure of Cotton Underwear

When you are outside in the hot weather, your body goes through a number of phases. It is typical to start sweating, feeling thirsty, and even experience swelling in your hands and feet in a fairly short amount of time. In the right climate, you’ll find yourself sweating on a simple walk around the block with your dog. Being based out of Jacksonville, FL Underwear For Men knows all too well how hard the heat can be on your body. 

Taking precautions to stay cool at all times can keep your body from reaching the point of exhaustion, dizziness, or cramping. One of the most important precautions you need to take in hot weather is dressing the right way for the heat. This includes your underwear. With regular cotton underwear, you easily get sweaty, never feel dry, and can find yourself smelling badly very quickly.  Cotton underwear has very poor moisture wicking properties and once wet will remain wet as long as you keep wearing them.  This can actually lead to serious bacterial infections. You don’t have to be outside for long to get sweaty, smelly, and worse.

Compared to cotton underwear, UFM Men’s Underwear is the right solution. We developed a Bamboo material that may feel similar to a cotton. But the moisture wicking abilities are much better, it's really the best of both worlds. Eleanor I. from Connecticut says,  “My husband says that these boxer briefs are much better than the 100% cotton boxer briefs that he has always worn. They are comfortable and, most of all, offer the support he wants”. 



Underwear For Men - Helping Men Fight Against Hot Weather & Sweating


How to Dress for Work in Hot Weather

Sometimes you simply can’t change up your work wardrobe just because of the weather. Even if you are confined to wearing business casual or business professional attire, UFM Men’s Underwear is the right solution for you. Keeping cool thanks to your underwear means you won’t feel overheated in business situations, even in the summer. Our Bamboo material helps to keep you cool with a more relaxed and breathable material. The adjustable support pouch gently isolates your manhood so you can release more body and heat and maybe even catch a nice breeze should you step outside. Your underwear you wear is your first line of defense against the hot summer weather, sweat, and the possibility of chaffing. 

Mens Underwear for Hot Weather and Outdoor Activities

Aside from daily wear, wearing your UFMs to exercise allows you to focus on the workout and helps take your mind off the heat while making sure you stay comfortable. Men that enjoy running, swimming, training, and home projects can depend on UFM Mens Underwear to give them much-needed support. The adjustable support pouch keeps you safe and secure no matter what you are doing. Plus, you won’t get a stinky odor from spending a lot of time outdoors so even after your run your spouse won't complain about your smell.

Some of our other features that benefit you in hot weather include a waistband that doesn’t ride up or pull down, a tapered leg that doesn’t roll up with bending and twisting, and isolation of your manhood with the adjustable support pouch. If you prefer to not have any material on your legs, the brief is a great option for you and the lack of a leg lessens the chance of retaining heat. 

In terms of materials the polyester is the best when it comes to intense activities. It may be a bit hotter than the bamboo but it is a tougher material that can handle the extra wear and tear for outdoor activities. Along with offering the best moisture wicking properties, ideal for those sweat heavy sessions. 

About UFM Underwear

UFM isn't your standard underwear, our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch makes this the best mens underwear on the market. Offering a premium in both fit and functionality. The drawstring allows everyone to have a custom fit based on what they find comfortable. You can pull the drawstring all the way for a high and tight feeling or just give it a minor pull for a low and slow position.

Our briefs and boxer briefs are designed with every man in mind. From custom pouch sizing to high quality materials to enhanced functionality and comfort UFM offers men the support they deserve. Whether you're in the office, heading to your next workout, or just taking care of some work around the yard. Underwear For Men will be there to give you the right underwear for the job. 

Get The Support You Deserve!

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