1. Mens Pouch Underwear: A Bra For Your Balls!

    It can be hard to describe mens pouch underwear to a woman and I have to do it more often than you would think. But I've found the easiest way is to compare it to a bra.

  2. When Should You Buy Polyester Underwear?

    Mens polyester underwear is the perfect solution for sports, men who sweat a lot, or those of us who like things with a tighter fit. 

  3. What Are Jockstraps?

    Mens jockstraps have been worn for years to protect men from sports injuries, often times being used with a cup for added protection. But men also wear them to help keep their package supported and together in one place. When you're riding your bike or up to bat the last thing you want to think about is if you're going to flop around unnecessarilly and hurt yourself. 

  4. What is Bamboo Viscose and What Does It Do?

    Underwear For Men offers a Bamboo Viscose material option that is a soft, cool, and breathable. It has a flexible fit and better moisture wicking abilities than cotton. 

  5. The Underwear For Running and What They Do

    Mens underwear for running should be high quality and ready to endure anything that you have to run at them. Whether running up hills or down slopes, through sand or water, your underwear will keep you dry, comfortable, and chafe free. 

  6. How Pouch Underwear Saved Our Saggy Balls!

    Saggy balls are something that every man will have to deal with eventually. Gravity is the undefeated champion! Until pouch underwear came along and started putting up a fight. 

  7. Which Mens Lingerie Option is Best For You?

    Mens Lingerie comes in a variety of styles. Nowadays you mostly see Mens Briefs or Mens Boxer Briefs. But each has a unique design and can be used in different ways. 

  8. UFM: Mens Sexy Underwear That Works Hard and Looks Even Better

    Men love the support that they get with UFM. Not only does UFM take care of your package but it also makes you look even better. 

  9. Underwear For Men: Perfect for Hot Weather or a Hurricane!

    Lane Pittman, a local Jacksonville resident, faces down hurricanes in Underwear For Men. He knows they are the best mens underwear for hot weather or for hurricanes!

  10. Why Is Underwear For Men The Ultimate Military Underwear?

    Military Underwear should be as tough and strong as the military man wearing them. Accomplishing everything he asks of them, whether he is in the heat of battle or taking his well deserved leave. 


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