Tips for Avoiding Unsightly Underwear Lines

Tips for Avoiding Unsightly Underwear Lines

Learn the ultimate tips for avoiding underwear lines! Discover how to stay comfortable and look stylish without having to worry about embarrassing underwear lines. Find out the best solutions.

What are Underwear lines?

Underwear lines refer to the visible lines or creases on clothing caused by wearing underwear. They can be seen on pants, skirts, and dresses when the underwear is a different color or material than the outer clothing.

This can be considered a fashion faux pas and can be avoided by selecting underwear that is the same color as the outer clothing or by wearing seamless or no-show underwear.

Causes of Underwear lines

Generally, underwear lines are caused by the underwear rubbing against the skin and clothing, creating visible outlines. However, there are 4 major causes of underwear lines which includes:

  • Physique
  • Undersized pants
  • Pant fabric
  • Pant Choice

#1. Physique

Your body shape is the first determinant of how your pants feel and look on you. You can pick pants of the right size and they'll turn out tight and squeezy later on. This makes it impossible to conclude that the right size always fits. However, if you're a heavy-weight male, you should opt for loose fittings like the traditional boxers.

#2. Undersized Pants

This is mostly true for body shapers like briefs, and boxer briefs. They may expand to your sizing even when it's not your fit. Almost immediately, you'll see the fruit of your not considering the concept of sizing. May God bless your sperm count, though you'll look all jocky with lines dissecting off your clothes. 

#3. Pant Fabrics

Pant fabric entails you putting on cotton pants under cotton outfits and polyester briefs with polyester trousers. Also, you should know that the right size cotton underwear will hang comfortably and seamlessly on the skin, while some elastane panties will dig in and pop out the skin around the pant grips and display unpleasant sights to the public.

 #4. Pant Choice

Face it already, some panties are not made for you. Some people will have a beautiful experience with the briefs while you'll wreck your day with them. Even if it comes out the right size, it may not be compatible with your skin. If you're never on good terms with seams panties, go seamless.  

Make Your Outfit Look Flawless: Tips for Avoiding Unsightly Underwear Lines

Here are tips for avoiding the embarrassing underwear lines coming out:

#1. Look for seamless underwear:

Seamless underwear is designed to be invisible under tight clothing, making it a great option for avoiding underwear lines.

#2. Choose the right fabric:

Certain fabrics, such as cotton and microfiber, are less likely to create visible lines than others, so look for underwear made from these materials.

#3. Opt for thongs or G-strings:

Thongs and G-strings are designed to minimize visible panty lines by covering only a small area of the buttocks.

#4. Go for high-waisted styles:

High-waisted underwear can help to smooth out any visible lines by sitting higher on the waist.

#5. Use shapewear:

Shaping garments such as bodysuits or slips can help to smooth out any visible lines by creating a seamless silhouette under clothing.

#5. Avoid tight clothing:

It's harder to avoid underwear lines when you're wearing tight clothing. So, if possible, avoid tight clothes or consider choosing looser-fitting clothes.

5 male pant that doesn't show lines

There are a few options for men's pants that are designed to not show lines. Some popular choices include:

#1. Compression pants:

These are tight-fitting pants that are made from a stretchy material. They are designed to fit close to the body and can help smooth out any lines.

#2. Boxer briefs:

Boxer briefs are a type of underwear that sits low on the waist and extends to the thigh. They are made from a stretchy material that can help prevent lines from showing through pants.

#3. Seamless pants:

These pants are designed without seams, which helps to eliminate any lines that may show through.

#4. Microfiber pants:

Microfiber is a type of fabric that is known for its smoothness and softness. It is often used to make pants that do not show lines.

#5. Flat-front pants:

Flat-front pants have a smooth, flat front without any pleats or creases. This design helps to reduce the appearance of lines.


It's worth noting that the best option for you will depend on your personal preferences, body type, and the type of pants you are looking for.

People Also Asked

#1. Fastest way to avoid Visible Pant Lines?

Your surest way to eliminate VPL is to believe in the classic thong aka G-string.

Wrapping it Up

To some people, it's highly embarrassing to go out in public with creases.

Females know how to put things under control but men get confused. Thanks to this article, you're helped on how to make your outfit look flawless with working tips for avoiding unsightly underwear lines.

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