6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Cheap Men’s Underwear

6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Cheap Men’s Underwear

With our guide on 6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Cheap Men's Underwear, you'll save yourself from a world of discomfort. Our comprehensive list covers why buying cheap men's underwear is never a good idea - from unreliable quality to lack of support. Get informed now and make sure you know why bargain-priced menswear is never a wise choice!

An African Proverb quotes: "Cheap things cause runny stomachs' ' it can never be truer with underwear. 

Opting for extremely pocket-friendly men's underwear may seem like a smart action in the start; but I'm telling you this for free, you just set yourself up for runny pockets. Not merely money cost.

It impacts negatively on your professional, public, and intimate relationships and health.

Spare this time and learn the 6 reasons you should never buy cheap men’s underwear. And the qualities you should look for instead.

6 Reasons You Should Never Buy Cheap Men’s Underwear

The following 6 reasons you should never buy cheap men’s underwear will save you some fashion faux pas and health issues in the long run.

  • Chafing
  • Fraying Waistband
  • Color Fade out
  • Holes Coming out
  • Moisture lock
  • Bunch and Droop issues

#1. Chafing

It's quite a disgusting and irritating feeling to have your moist skin rub against the other or a moist fabric of your underwear rubbing against your skin.

Aside from the irritating and unpleasant feeling, it has health concerns as it gives you injuries that are pretty painful and make it difficult to walk. You don't like the sound of that, however, you're on your way to chafing out by taking up cheaper underwear with sharp fabrics.

Try some elastane and first-class fabric underwear, with moisture-wicking capacity and non-irritating dye that's fitting flexibly with flat-locked seams. This will keep the chaff out.

#2. Fraying Waistband

Picture this, you're in your office with your boss and Colleagues all seated. Then you walk up to the shelf, stretching to get the required file, your stockings pop out and the next thing they see is the waistband of your boxers sticking out your clothes. Sorry man.

Back to base, Waistband fraying is common with underwear with a waistband thickness of 1 - 1.25". And no other but cheap underwear has such. 

When you notice this after 2 or 3 washes, quickly discard them. Try a 2" waistband underwear with a blend of nylon and elastane. This will give you a long-lasting and soft wrap.

#3. Color Fade out

Though underwear is typically meant to stay under. However, there are times when you must wear them for the public eye. Aside from that, you will need something more comfortable to lounge in at home. But sadly, I see you looking unhappy to find out that your underwear is not looking like what you bought last week.

The worst part is, if you are caught in the rain, come see the fake dyes bleeding so hard through your outfit. What a good way to spoil a day.

Remember, you can't return underwear once worn or washed. So, get rid of the underwear. Go for top-notch dyes that'll outlast your countless scrubs and tumble drying. However, keep to fabric guidelines for longer material quality.

#4. Holes Coming out

I wonder where you'll hide your shame, by the time someone signals to tell you that you have the third eye at your backside. A finisher is, you were having your best time and then you noticed that your anaconda came out for some fresh air. What a shot!

The holes coming out are a result of too light or too soft quality fabric and daily friction against the material.

The main cause is the producers, they were trying to cut down on the cost of production.

Count yourself quite a fortunate guy if none of these has happened to you. However, when you notice that your underwear material has started giving a hole sign, quickly ditch it.

Go for microfibres and nylon materials finely blended with the right measure of elastane. This results in durable undergarments that feel and look great for much longer.

#5. Moisture lock

One thing you should avoid is moisture-lock undies. Not just for the inconveniences it brings most importantly for your health.

Sure, cotton fabrics are known to hold moisture, but they also wick the excess sweat to the surface for ventilation and dryness.

Cheaper underwear fabrics seem to lick and hoard the slightest sweat. If this continues for a longer period, it'll boost bacteria and fungi breeding. The next thing is a foul stench and possibly the jock itch. You won't like the feel of that, would you?

To avoid this, wear moisture-wicking underwear.

#6.Bunch And Droop Issues

You'll know fake underwear a few hours after you've worn them. They'll bunch and droop under your trousers. This is an unlikeable sight to behold especially if you're found in the public always reaching down to adjust your trousers. It tolls negatively on your personality perception.

At this rate, getting up becomes embarrassing, you won't walk fine, and running becomes a struggle. 

Cheaper underwears bunch and droop because they lack enough elastane, and they don't have the perfect mix. Also, they use cheap overlock seams and fabrics that wear out easily.

Save your day by taking up top-notch fabrics that are perfectly mixed with the right amount of elastane with first-class stitching. With flex fit and plain locks underwear, you won't have to think twice to get up, walk, and run.

Health Effects of Wearing Cheap Men's Underwear

Wearing cheap underwear can pose several risks to your health:

Poor Quality Material:

Cheap underwear is often made from low-quality materials that can irritate the skin and cause rashes, itching, and infections.

Poor Fit:

Cheap underwear may not fit well, causing discomfort and chafing. This can also lead to skin irritation and infection.

Lack of Breathability:

Cheap underwear may not allow for proper airflow, leading to excessive sweating and skin irritation.

Chemical Exposure:

Cheap underwear may contain harmful chemicals or dyes that can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions


#1. Which underwear is healthy for male testicles?

Breathable, loose-fitting underwear is generally considered healthy for male testicles. Boxers are a good option, as they allow for good air circulation and avoid tight constriction of the testicles.


Avoid wearing underwear that is tight and constricting, as this can raise the temperature of the testicles, potentially affecting sperm production. Opt for underwear made of natural, breathable materials like cotton.

#2. How to eliminate chafing in underwear

Here are some tips to prevent chafing in underwear:

  • Choose the right size: Ensure that your underwear fits properly to prevent friction between skin and fabric.
  • Material matters: Opt for underwear made from breathable and soft materials like cotton, bamboo, or moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Apply anti-chafing products: Consider using creams, gels, or balms specifically designed to prevent chafings, like petroleum jelly, body glide, or chamois cream.
  • Keep the area dry: Keep the skin dry by using talcum powder or cornstarch, or by patting the skin dry after sweating.
  • Seek medical help: If the chafing is severe or doesn't go away with these tips, consult a doctor or dermatologist.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to your comfort and health, you should pay the price. Going for cheap underwear has long-lasting negative effects both monetary, relationship, and health-wise.

You can cut down costs and save more by taking note of the  6 reasons you should never buy cheap men’s underwear. Your comfort and health first before economics. 

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