Mens Tailored Underwear: Every Man Gets The Fit They Deserve

Mens Tailored Underwear: Every Man Gets The Fit They Deserve

Men's underwear comes in a variety of styles and shapes to meet a person's preference. You can choose a loose fitting underwear to lounge around, a form fitting underwear for extra support during the day and a sexy underwear for the intimate moments.

If your job involves a lot of walking and you are required to stay in hot and humid climate, choosing a comfortable underwear that easily wick away the moisture will be the perfect decision. UFM underwear has been specially designed by professionals to provide the wearer an extra support to prevent the balls from bouncing around while keeping him comfortable.

Whether you are a working man, a professional athlete or a patient who has recently undergone a prostate surgery, your balls will require an extra support to keep them in place. UFM underwear is designed with US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring adjustable support system to prevent sticking of the balls with the thighs while providing them with the required support. The wearer can easily pull the drawstring to tighten the pouch and isolate the genitalia.

The Comfortable Underwear

UFM is available as briefs and boxer briefs. While some people are not comfortable wearing the

Brief pulling the drawstrings

jockstrap, others remain uncomfortable in thongs. However, the two options that are available with UFM keeps a person comfortable all day long. The UFM underwear makes it easy for the wearer to control the isolation, support and comfort according to his preferences.

UFM underwear is made up of 10% elastane / 90% polyester blend and thus it quickly wick away the sweat to keep the wearer dry. So whether you have to stay under the sun or have to carry out your job in humid conditions, with UFM underwear, you can be sure that down there you will be kept dry and odor free.

Well-fitting Underwear

As you have to wear the underwear for a maximum part of the day, it must be comfortable while providing an optimal support. Therefore, while shopping for a pair of underwear choose a well-fitting underwear. UFM underwear is present in different waist size, however, it is important that you choose your size based on the waist size rather than choosing a UFM based on the size of your old underwear. UFM is available in:

  • Medium – Waist size 28-30
  • Large – Waist size 32-34
  • X-Large – Waist size 36-38
  • XX-Large – Waist size 40-42
  • The 1.5” wide waistband provides extra support to the wearer.

Different Features That Separate UFM Underwear From Other Brands Include:

  • The underwear is designed with breathable fabric to keep you dry and comfortable all day
  • Drawstring support system allows excellent adjustability and support
  • Streamline tailoring with the articulated mesh fly panel
  • Offer secure and comfortable fit

UFM Red Boxer Briefs Tightening

UFM is different from the other pouch underwear as it does not come with a pre-sized pouch. The drawstring that cannot be seen from the outside nor felt from the inside makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the support according to his requirements.

So whether you are pairing up the UFMs with a formal wear or with a lounge wear, comfort will never be an issue. The UFM underwear does not bunch up or lose its shape even after being washed repeatedly. Therefore, when it comes to underwear make a wise choice to avoid different problems such as irritability, chafing or discomfort.

Apart from everyday wear, UFMs are also recommended by doctors as a comfortable alternative to Jockstrap. The underwear provides required support to the patients suffering from different diseases and is also compatible with male guard products such as Prevail and Depend. So whether you are looking for a comfortable alternative to jockstrap or are sick and tired of wearing the loose underwear, UFM will support the balls, avoid them from sticking to the thighs and prevent various other problems.

Get your hands on UFM underwear at the UFM online store or buy them from Amazon to give an extra support to your genital organs.

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