If you are looking for a work mens underwear that prevents sagging, rubbing and chafing, you have come to the right place.

Work Underwear That is Built for Comfort and Made to Last

This is Underwear For Men!

If you’re looking for men’s work underwear to prevent chafing and adjusting, that also offer support -- try Underwear For Men. Every style and generation of Underwear For Men comes with an innovative adjustable pouch built into the front that isolates and supports your manhood. Underwear For Men is the only brand of men’s underwear that offers both isolation and support.

Originally launched as a sport product in 2013, in just a few years, Underwear For Men has amassed 2,000+ 5 star product reviews. Men across the US and in Canada have been positively impacted by our innovative design. Soldiers, policeman, fireman, construction workers, engineers, computer programmers all love our adjustable pouch underwear. No matter what you do for a living, our underwear, boxer briefs and briefs are intricately engineered for comfort and made to last.


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Men’s Underwear Technology Explained – Inside the Adjustable Pouch


Men have longed for an underwear that offers comfort and support. Pouch underwear is the latest innovation in men’s underwear. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch doesn’t come presized. It is sized to fit your size. You simply loosen and tighten the drawstrings to create a comfy hammock that wicks sweat and keeps your manhood cool. The pouch isolates and supports your manhood, keeping it away from your thighs and out from under your keister. Whether you wear jeans, work pants or a bulky polyester uniform, the sleek design is tailored to move when you do to avoid bunching, riding and sagging.


How to Choose Your Underwear Size: IMPORTANT- Underwear For Men is sized to fit your waist.

Underwear For Men is sized to fit your waist.

What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations? See these and many other questions answered on our FAQ page. click here


UFM Underwear is available in briefs, boxer briefs with a 6” inseam and boxer briefs with a 9” inseam. The 1st Generation offers a drawstring pouch that ties on the inside, and 2nd and 3rd ties on the outside. We have over 2,000, 5 star reviews from men who can’t get enough of Underwear For Men.

“These boxers are everything as advertised. They move with you. Breathe and wick any moisture away. And the added “cup holder” is an added bonus. Holding support. You won’t be disappointed.” – Brad N., 2/23/16


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