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Introducing the latest Underwear For Men boxer briefs with a US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring support system.

Boxer Briefs with an Adjustable Pouch – This is Underwear For Men!


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UFM Underwear has revolutionized boxer briefs with an adjustable pouch that isolates and supports your manhood. With this US patented and Intl patents pending feature, simply tie the drawstring to create a pouch custom fit to your size. This provides you with support and isolation. Underwear For Men started as an athletic pouch underwear but quickly evolved into use for everyday, medical, work, and sport use. See for yourself when you try a pair today.


How Are UFMs Different?

Every pair of UFM Underwear has a drawstring pouch made of soft, breathable mesh fabric designed to isolate and support you. Our moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. Whether you are in the workplace or running a 10K, UFMs stay comfortably in place. Our boxer briefs are a popular choice for men to wear during everyday, sport, medical, and work use. We make our briefs with two inseam lengths to suit your preferences – either 6 inch or 9 inch.

We are different than other pouch underwear options because of the US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. The drawstrings stay in place no matter how you wear them. This completely eliminates your need to adjust throughout the day and improves your level of comfort. Tie them ‘high and tight’ for extra support and ‘low and light’ for loose support. Our boxer briefs are available in 7 colors. Experience the features of our boxer briefs including:

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Support For Your Manhood
  • Isolation from Your Thighs
  • Elimination of Chafing
  • Tapered Leg Design That Stays in Place With Movement
  • No Squishing or Suffocating Your Manhood
  • Improved Profile View


Once you switch to UFMs, you are likely to find yourself giving up your old underwear for good. UFM boxer briefs are designed to fit a busy guy that stays busy all day, every day. It is the right solution if you are tired of wearing underwear that doesn’t offer protection from rubbing, chafing, and sagging. Men wear UFM under their suits, under their jeans, under workout clothes, and even underneath bathing suits. They wear UFM for sports AND leisure. From the minute they wake up until the minute they go to bed, UFM is the underwear they wear to support their manhood. If this describes you or someone you know, click here.

Some men need to wear UFM boxer briefs for medical reasons. Whether you need to keep medical padding in place during a surgery recovery or you need constant support to relieve discomfort, UFMs work for you. Our brand is urologist-recommended for medical conditions and prostate cancer recovery. Our customers report relief from issues like hydrocele, sagging testicles, or regular discomfort associated with activity. They have incontinence and use UFM boxer briefs to hold their incontinence guards in place. If this describes you or someone you know, click here.

Some men like to wear UFM boxer briefs for sports. They have tried tighty-whities and compression shorts, but still feel like they were bouncing around during athletic activities. They wear UFM boxer briefs while they run, bike, camp, hunt, lift weights and golf. They wear UFM while they play football, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and basketball. They wear UFM boxer briefs if they think they might break a sweat. If this describes you or someone you know, click here.

Stay comfortable at work, no matter what your job happens to be, when you wear UFMs underneath your work gear. Men work in every type of job -- they work outside in the heat, they stand on their feet for long hours, they sit behind an uncomfortable desk for hours on end. Most of all, every man deals with chafing, rubbing, sweating and adjusting, all day, every day. Eliminate your issues with Underwear For Men. Our men’s underwear is designed to stay in place no matter what you do. Our boxer briefs have a tapered leg that doesn’t bunch or roll up. No matter what your job happens to be, our boxer briefs work for you. Our team has earned five-star reviews from truckers, construction workers, doctors, office guys, full-time dads, account executives, and more. They need a mens work underwear that is built for support and made to last. If this describes you or someone you know, click here.

Men’s Underwear Technology Explained – Inside the Adjustable Pouch

How to Choose Your Underwear Size: IMPORTANT- Underwear For Men is sized to fit your waist.

Underwear For Men is sized to fit your waist.

What is the difference between UFM Underwear 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations? See these and many other questions answered on our FAQ page. click here

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