1. Running Underwear-Best Underwear for Running

    UFM Running Underwear has all the bases covered. Whether your preference is the Brief or the Boxer Brief, UFM Running Underwear for Men is designed with the Athlete in mind.

  2. Compression Shorts vs UFM Boxer Briefs

    Compression shorts, as well as compression underwear, are athletic undergarments made of synthetic fabric. Many athletes love compression shorts. For many men, compression shorts are a step beyond wearing a jockstrap. Even though they are popular, compression shorts don't solve every problem a man experiences. These shorts tend to constrict and squish your manhood against your body. There is a better solution out there, one that is better than the jockstrap and compression shorts. Try a pair today. It won't take long for you to realize boxer briefs from UFM work for sport and athletic use.

  3. Mens Erotic Underwear - Underwear For Men

    Erotic underwear comes in many forms but the best type of erotic underwear for you depends entirely on your comfort level. Some believe that less is more whether it is a jock of a thong.  Maybe mesh is your thing.

  4. Silk Underwear For Men - Underwear For Men

    If you have ever tried to slide across a set of silk sheet you know what the outcome is: you slide off the bed and end up with enough static electricity to power a small town. While you might think silk looks you need to stop and think how your genitals feel.

  5. Cheap Mens Underwear Doesn't Provide Support or Comfort

    When you wear cheap shoes, your feet hurt so what do you think happens when you wear cheap mens underwear? There are a number of men's underwear styles that say they are better. Yet, these brands often don't follow through with their promises. Underwear For Men is committed to high quality men's underwear designed with intention. Our brand corrects the issues caused by cheap mens underwear. Once you try a pair of UFMs, you'll see why investing in superior underwear technology improves the way you look and feel.

  6. Polidan Inc. Acquires UFM Underwear For Men

    Polidan Inc., a business based in Florida, has made the announcement that they have acquired UFM Underwear For Men. This latest activity makes Polidan a supplier of some of the top quality mens undergarments in the athletic, workwear and medical specialty markets. The underwear features a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable support system that is designed to provide superior support for men who require a more secure undergarment without the stigma that comes with the basic white brief.

  7. Incontinence Underwear For Men from High Tech Advanced Brand

    Did you know that 17% of men over the age of 60 experience some form of urinary incontinence? No matter the cause or reason behind your incontinence, it is possible for you to still feel comfortable you won't have an accident as you go about your day. There are a few types of incontinence, mostly divided by the amount of urine expelled per incident. Underwear For Men created an underwear for men that simply happens to be secure enough that it holds padding in place. We simply made a high quality product to hold your manhood in place. Our underwear for men fits the mans body, which also means any padding you need for incontinence stays in place as you go about your day.

  8. UFM Boxer Briefs: USPS Employees Love Them

    If you are a man required to walk and move throughout the workday, our boxer briefs accommodate your needs. Say goodbye to chafing, bunching, and the legs of your underwear rolling up when you make the switch to UFM boxer briefs. UFM Underwear for Men, is a premium brand of men's underwear originally designed for male athletes.

  9. Why Men's Underwear Really Matters?

    When it comes to men's underwear, not much technology or innovation has occurred in several hundred years. Due to innovations created by Underwear For Men, men's underwear hasn't been better. This garment no longer has to be a necessary evil. In fact, it should be a garment you love to wear and get support from. All too often, men generally lack 'underwear etiquette' and they wear their underwear for far too long before finally getting rid of them. Switch to Underwear For Men if you are ready to get support for your manhood, anti-chafing properties, and a properly fitting waistband.  Men's underwear does matter.

  10. UFM Underwear: A Way To Boost Your Sex Appeal

    UFM underwears make the genitalia appear larger and work in a similar manner to a push-up bra. It helps you to attract the female’s attention toward the right thing. Not so surprisingly, large penis size increases a man’s overall personality, making him more confident and comfortable.


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