Why Is Underwear For Men The Ultimate Military Underwear?

Why Is Underwear For Men The Ultimate Military Underwear?

Military Underwear should be as tough and strong as the military man wearing them. Accomplishing everything he asks of them, whether he is in the heat of battle or taking his well deserved leave.

Military Underwear Should Be:


  • Durable + Strong: UFM offers Polyester Underwear which is one of the most durable clothing materials out there. It is synthetic which makes it more resistant to the forces of nature. It also form fits to your body so whenever you move, it moves with you. 

  • Moisture Wicking: Polyester Underwear works by pulling sweat from your body and onto the material. Making sure that you stay dry even in the hottest of conditions. But Polyester itself also drys very quickly so while it may be wet for a moment. It will soon be dry and back to its original condition. Even if you are marching mile after mile in the hot desert or the muggy jungle.

  • Supportive: Most briefs and boxer briefs just mash you together between your legs. UFM offers a custom fit support pouch so that you are lifted out from between your legs. Allowing the underwear to do the supporting for you instead of asking your body to do it. Giving both you and "the boys" a break. 

  • Comfortable: Comfort is one of the most important factors. If you aren't comfortable your mind is going to keep coming back to that issue and you will feel it in every step you take. UFM keeps you secure in one spot so you never have to adjust again, once you find your comfort spot, you stay in it. Allowing you to focus on the things that matter. 

UFM: The Ultimate Military Underwear

Underwear For Men offers a patented drawstring support pouch, that means you won't find it anywhere else on the market. The drawstring allows everyone to tighten the support pouch as much or as little as needed. Every man is unique and has different levels of comfort, so we came up with a way to give every man the comfort they need.

The support pouch pulls you up and forward. This makes sure you stay out from between your legs. Keeping you safe and isolated in one spot. This means no more adjusting whenever you move the wrong way. It also helps to prevent chaffing because you have less skin-on-skin contact. Boxer Briefs are especially good for this because the extra leg makes sure you never have skin rubbing against each other. 

Every military man deserves the ultimate pair of military underwear. Try a pair of UFM today!


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