Underwear For Men: Perfect for Hot Weather or a Hurricane!

Underwear For Men: Perfect for Hot Weather or a Hurricane!

Lane Pittman, a local Jacksonville resident, faces down hurricanes in Underwear For Men. He knows they are the best mens underwear for hot weather or for hurricanes!

Florida Heat and Hurricane Winds!

Underwear For Men operates out of Northeast Florida. So we are quite accustomed to dealing with heat, humidity, and that's right, hurricanes. From May - July we have sweltering heats and high temperatures. Maybe not quite as high as states like Arizona and New Mexico but being surrounded on 3 sides by water does have its downfalls. Oh, the humidity!

The thermometer might read 94 degrees but when you walk outside it feels like you're going through steam. All the water in the air just cooks you. Now, we have become accustomed to it over the years. I was born in Wisconsin but after living here for 18 years my body has adapted to it. But there are still downfalls like all the sweat and body heat!

Not to mention when August starts to roll around we have to deal with hurricane season. Jacksonville usually counts on at least 2-3 hurricanes coming near here each season. That just means more and more rain. Which only helps to increase those humidity levels. Not to mention the chance of getting rained everyday, it can be tough to stay dry. Both sweat and rain being the culprits.  

But Lane and I can both agree on one very important factor that helps us get through these Florida summers. UFM is the best mens underwear and it helps us survive. It is both comfortable and functional. 

Why is UFM the Best Mens Underwear for Hot Weather?

High Quality Materials

Underwear For Men offers both Polyester and Bamboo as material options. Polyester Underwear functions similar to a compression short. It has a tighter, firmer fit. It hugs close to the body but that also allows it to wick sweat well. Polyester Underwear works by pulling the water off your body and onto the material. But the synthetic material also dries quickly, allowing it to dry and stay dry longer.

Bamboo Underwear feels closer to your basic cotton. In the sense that it is soft and keeps you cool. The fit is also more relaxed so it is not quite as tight to your body and it moves around a little more. Bamboo Underwear does wick sweat better than your standard cotton though. As bamboo is not as absorbent as a cotton it allows the material to stay dry for a longer period of time. 

The ultimate sweat wicking materials for the hottest weather conditions. 

Patented Drawstring Adjustable Support Pouch

Chaffing is one of my least favorite things to deal with on my body. Right up there with feet blisters and cuts on your hand. But chaffing is one thing that Underwear For Men has finally solved. The drawstring support pouch keeps you out from between your legs. Isolating you from the rest of your body so that you have less skin-on-skin contact (the cause of chaffing). Combine that with the longer legs of a boxer brief, so that your thighs don't rub against each other, and problem solved!

Adjusting is always an embarrassing task. But it is something that we all have to deal with on a regular basis. Well, not anymore! UFMs support pouch keeps you secured in one place all day long. It pulls you up and forward, keeping you situated out of harms way. This means not only do you never have to adjust yourself, but you also won't sit or smash anything if you have to make a strange or sudden movement. 

Keeping the boys up and out of harms way isn't the only benefit. Separating yourself from your legs and pelvis also allows more body heat to escape. Thus keeping you cooler and making sure those hurricane breezes feel even better!

Proving Underwear For Men is the Best Mens Underwear for Hot Weather or a Hurricane!



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