The Underwear For Running and What They Do

The Underwear For Running and What They Do

Mens underwear for running should be high quality and ready to endure anything that you have to run at them. Whether running up hills or down slopes, through sand or water, your underwear will keep you dry, comfortable, and chafe free.

How Running Underwear Prevents Chaffing 

If you run for extended periods of time or multiple times a week then chaffing is something that you have inevitably dealt with at some point. Chaffing occurs when skin or clothing rubs the same place over and over again. This is especially prevalent in people with larger legs and thighs because more surface area is rubbing against each other.

Let's face it, if we are chaffing then we probably aren't running. As a runner that's when I say, "It's time for a break". That's why running underwear is so important. A good pair will have material down the legs to make sure the material rubs against each other instead of skin. With a repetitive motion like running this is extremely helpful and will save your thighs. 

Stop Bouncing and Get Some Running Underwear

Back in the day when I wore boxers or only shorts to go running. Everything would be bouncing and moving with every step I took. Now I can't imagine not having a good pair of running underwear to support me. All briefs and boxer briefs will slightly contain you and keep you from completely bouncing and moving. But in the end they just mash everything together between your legs. That is the last place you want your package when you are going for a run. That means even more skin is mashed together against your inner thighs and the threat of chaffing is high.

Good running underwear will keep you supported up and out from between your legs. This allows the material of the legs to work the way it was intended. While also preventing you from moving or bouncing whenever you take steps. UFM offers an adjustable drawstring support pouch that lifts you while also keeping you together. Making sure you stay safe and never smash anything between your legs again. 

Underwear for Running Should Wick Sweat

Sweating is one of the most natural things we do. It helps to regulate your body temperature, unclog your pores, and even circulate your blood. But when we run and it stays on our clothing we become weighed down and uncomfortable. Those days where you take off a sopping wet pair of underwear after a long and hot run is satisfying because you are finally out of your underwear! But your underwear should never even get that wet in the first place. That means you are probably using a cotton based material.

Polyester is king when it comes to underwear for running. Polyester is a synthetic material that works by pulling moisture off your body and onto the material. Which helps to keep you dry. But does it stay on the material? No way! It is designed to be quick drying so as soon as it has moisture on it the material begins to work and then both you and your underwear are dry. 

Polyester is also a very durable material that does not lose its shape in the wash, it is resistant to many chemicals, and it is lightweight. Running is tough on your body and also tough on your clothes. Natural fibers are more inclined to stretch every time you move your legs, eventually losing their shape and becoming baggy. The durability of polyester helps keep you in that pair of underwear even longer.

A tighter fit is also good for running underwear since loose fabric can cause things to rub and move. Polyester is designed with a firm fit similar to that of a compression short. So the material moves with you and not against you. 

Why is UFM Great Underwear For Running? 

Since we just touched on this aspect, all UFM models come in a polyester material. We do offer a bamboo material as well, which is a natural fiber. It does wick sweat better than cotton but not as good as polyester. UFM also has 6" and 9" boxer briefs (along with Briefs and 3" Trunks) which offer the ultimate leg coverage for every run, no more chaffing!  

The adjustable drawstring support pouch offers lift and isolation, keeping you out from between your legs. It raises you up and slightly forward as you pull the drawstrings. You can pull them a small amount for minimal support or pull them all the way up for maximum support. This means a custom fit for every person. Which is something you won't get with other underwear. 

Since the pouch forms around you and lifts you up then it is able to support you and you are asking your body to do even less. Which is great for running since that is a tough enough task on its own. This also means no more bouncing around, so not only does it make it easier on your body but also helps to control you more. 

If you're a runner you need to try a pair of UFM today! I didn't know I needed them until I got them. Now I won't go for a run without one. 


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