How UFM Motorcycle Underwear Helps You Enjoy The Ride

How UFM Motorcycle Underwear Helps You Enjoy The Ride

Underwear For Men motorcycle underwear helps you avoid chafing and makes sure you never have to adjust yourself. Allowing you to truly enjoy the open road. 

The Beauty of the Open Road

Are you the kind of guy that loves to get on his bike and ride around town? Do you like to take long trips across the country? Seeing the world from your bike is exciting, beautiful, and relaxing. Once you’ve been on a bike, you know the feeling. The road below your feet, the world open before your eyes, and the wind in your hair cannot be matched with any other mode of transportation. 


There are a few downsides to riding your motorcycle, especially for long stretches of time. But you can easily implement a few solutions to keep you comfortable for long journeys. From wearing the right men’s motorcycle underwear, to keeping circulation in your legs flowing. You no longer have to suffer with Underwear For Men.

Solutions For Staying Comfortable

Invest in the Comfort of Your Seat

Although motorcycle manufacturers try to make seats comfortable, an upgrade to your factory seat makes a difference in your comfort. On long rides, the addition of a seat pad or a new custom seat keeps your butt happy. The most experienced bikers purchase seat pads because they are simply better than other solutions like padded shorts. Padded seats cushion your body, keep your spine properly aligned, and relieve pressure points. It is normal for your body to get sore from sitting for an extended period of time. With a seat pad, sitting for a long time is easier on your body. Try out a few options in a store until you find suits you. Of course, seat pads are easy to remove without damaging your motorcycle seat (if you are taking part in more technical riding after your long haul). If a seat pad isn’t right for you, a custom seat to fully replace your manufacturer seat makes all of the difference. In many cases, you provide the manufacturer with your specific measurements so the seat completely fits your body.

Eliminate Chafing Completely

Take on a cross-country ride with Underwear For Men supporting your manhood. Underwear For Men is a brand of mens underwear that eliminates chafing. How do we do it? UFMs come with an adjustable drawstring support pouch that you can tighten or loosen to your exact specifications. The pouch creates a gentle hammock for your manhood, so you don't have to deal with rubbing or sticking. Too many men sit down and suffer on extended motorcycle rides as their manhood is effectively suffocated by their pants. Underwear For Men provides full isolation, even when you sit for extended periods of time. Keeping you out from between your legs and comfortable for the entire ride.

Improve the Circulation in Your Legs

Keeping the circulation in your legs flowing is of high importance when going on long rides. Circulation boosts comfort and keeps your body feeling rested for longer. Your legs won’t get stiff and tired and you can keep riding comfortably for a longer amount of time. Less breaks, more time on the road.

With your Underwear For Men on you don’t need to adjust your manhood or your UFM as you do things like: stand up on the pegs periodically, vary your position on your seat, take stretch breaks to loosen up your pants, or just move around. Even alternating where you rest your weight provides your legs much-needed relief. If you don’t spend time working on your circulation, you’ll be in some serious pain by the third day of your trip. Underwear For Men allows you to move around as much as necessary without having to readjust your unit.

Take Precautions to Eliminate Monkey Butt

UFMs are made from a moisture-wicking material to help you stay dry. This means as you sit and sweat on your bike, you stay cool and comfortable. As the sun beats down on your body, you won't start to smell either. Underwear For Men is made with high quality materials that help to not only wick sweat but keep smell to a minimum. You never get the gross smell of monkey butt at the end of the day. So when your ride is over you don’t have to immediately change. You can also apply talcum powder as needed to help keep you even more comfortable. Your UFM will help keep the powder where it needs to be so you can get the relief you need.

Don't Deal with Plumber's (or Biker's) Crack

When you put your leg over the side of your bike and get ready to start it up, do you feel your underwear ride down? No one wants to see that...and you shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable at the start of a long ride. With Underwear For Men briefs, you get a pair of mens underwear sized to fit your waist. We also have higher rise options that mean your underwear is never going to fall down. Helping you to stay comfortable confident.

Underwear For Men - The Best Motorcycle Underwear

Underwear For Men is a men’s underwear brand designed with the active man in mind. If your preferred activity is riding your motorcycle, make the switch to our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch underwear.The drawstring design means you can adjust the pouch based on what you find to be comfortable. Offering every man the custom fit they deserve. You won’t find this kind of comfort and support anywhere else.


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