Methods to Treat and Prevent Chafing For Guys

Methods to Treat and Prevent Chafing For Guys

Underwear For Men provides the best underwear to prevent chafing. Our patneted drawstring support pouch isolates you to help prevent skin on skin contact and eliminate moisture retention. 

The Basics of Chafing

Take a look into how chafing can occur and the best products to help treat it. 

When Chaffing Occurs

If your job or daily life involves a lot of walking, you have most likely dealt with chafing at some point. Chafing around the groin or between the legs is an inevitable result of walking a long distance in an uncomfortable pair of underwear. The constant rubbing of skin and material causes a rash to form and it only gets worse as you continue to walk.

A seldom talked about topic, chafing, affects everybody who has tried their hand at sports or gone on a day trip and had to walk for 10-12 hours. The buildup of sweat in your basic underwear causes it to rub against you throughout the day. Especially in a cotton material that holds onto all the sweat you produce.  

If you are trying to deal with crotch chafe, it is important that you make certain changes. Changes being proper personal care and the right clothes to both treat and prevent chafing. 

Anti chafe Powder

Powders and Lubricants

If chafing has started to occur the most important thing is to immediately treat it with a powder or lubricant. These are especially important if you start chafing in the middle of an activity, if you are able to take a break and apply some treatment then it can help you to keep going more comfortably. Even if you have to wait until you finish your activity these treatments provide an immediate relief.

Powders are the easier and less messy option. But they tend to get used up quicker and they do no rehydrate your skin as well as a lubricant. Powders are an easier on the go option. A standard baby powder can work wonders and keep you going all day, even if you need to reapply.

Lubricants rehydrate your skin and help to prevent chafing by making the effected areas slick so they glance off each other more easily. These are fantastic when you are trying to allow the area to completely heal. They act as both chafing prevention and lotion.

These options are the best in terms of personal care. Combine this with the proper clothing and not only can you heal your chaffed area, but you can prevent it from ever happening again.

Clothing Can Make All The Difference

If you wear the right clothes you can help to prevent chafing from ever happening in the first place.

The Right Underwear Is Important

Underwear is one of the most vital pieces of clothing. It stays the closest to your body and easily gets the most work out of anything else you wear. Most standard underwear just mashes you between or against your legs. The best underwear to prevent chafing will support you and keep you isolated from the rest of your body. These are important factors because it helps to cut back on rubbing, the main cause of chafing.

The Right Material

When it comes to chafing prevention, polyester is the best option on the market. It offers the best moisture wicking abilities. Helping to pull water off your skin and also to dry quickly. Cotton has long been the staple of clothing but when it comes to chafing all cotton does is continue to rub it the wrong way while also holding onto all the moisture you produce.

Bamboo is similar to that of a cotton in the sense that it is a softer, cooler material. However, it does wick sweat much better than standard cotton underwear. So even if polyester doesn’t seem right for you, there is still another option, bamboo, that will beat cotton every time.

Compression Garments

Another great way to prevent chafing is to use a compression garment. These are typically made up of breathable and stretchable fabric that apply pressure to the body. Polyester tends to function similar to that of a compression garment. Meaning that it has a tighter fit and hugs close to the body.

This is ideal to prevent chafing because it allows the material to rub against each other instead of your skin. Compression shirts help to prevent chafing around the nipples and arms. While compression underwear can help prevent chafing around the groin and legs.

The Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing - Underwear For Men

UFM invented a patented drawstring support pouch that offers support, lift, isolation, and comfort. All the things you need in order to prevent chafing. All you do is situate yourself in the pouch and then pull the drawstrings. This lifts you up and forward, offering a custom fit based on how tight or loose you pull the drawstring.

This support pouch keeps you out from between your legs. Making sure you don’t have to adjust yourself and you stay safely out of harms way. Our boxer briefs give an extra measure of prevention because the material down the legs makes sure you don’t have against yourself anymore.

If chafing has been an issue for you in the past. Try a pair of UFMs today to help prevent it from ever happening again.

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