Urologist Recommended Post Vasectomy Support Underwear - Ditch the Jock Strap!

Urologist Recommended Post Vasectomy Support Underwear - Ditch the Jock Strap!

Getting a jockstrap often means sacrificing comfort for support. UFM is here to give you the support you need while allowing you to stay comfortable all day. 

Post Vasectomy Care and Recovery

Getting a Vasectomy is Only Half the Battle

Once you make the decision to have a vasectomy, it's time to start thinking about post-surgery care. UFM briefs and boxer briefs are urologist recommended for men recovering from a range of men’s health conditions. One of the biggest medical uses for UFM support underwear is for vasectomy recovery.  UFM support underwear aids in vasectomy recovery because it is supportive, breathable, and adjustable. Once you slip on your UFMs you won’t have to worry about gravity pulling on the incisions or your surgical site getting irritated.

Dr. Ronald Wheeler, a urologist that specializes in HIFU treatments for prostate cancer, sees UFM Underwear as an option for all men. He says, “It is a sporty line of underwear with a dual purpose. The product allows for my patients to look good and feel good when they are getting back in shape and rehabbing”.

Care Routine During Vasectomy Recovery  

After your vasectomy surgery, you need to follow a set of instructions to ensure recovery is without complications. Typically, a urologist recommends all or some of the following after a vasectomy: supporting your scrotum with tight fitting underwear for a few days, applying ice packs for the first 48 hours, limiting activity after surgery, applying antiseptic and gauze to the surgical site, and stopping sexual activity for a week. Following your urologist’s recommendations ensures you heal properly and quickly after surgery. 

Vasectomy support used to be limited to items like briefs (since they fit tighter to the body) and jockstraps. Boxer briefs wouldn't cut it because the lower panel is too far away from the scrotum. But with the invention of pouch underwear men are finally being offered a real vasectomy recovery solution. 

Scrotal Support Underwear Replaces the Jockstrap

Underwear For Men Offers Real Support

In the past, urologists were restricted to recommending jockstraps as a solution to keep your manhood isolated and secure. There was no such thing as the "best jockstrap" because they were all the same. While this solution does work, it is not the preference of many men. With Underwear For Men, you get all of the advantages of a jockstrap but with better construction and comfort. Urologists recommend Underwear For Men because the adjustable pouch provides much-needed support for post-surgical care. The drawstring ties according to your preferences, but it is gentle so you never get irritated. In cases where you need complete isolation, like recovery from surgery, UFMs are a solution to boost recovery. Support underwear from UFM come in briefs, 3" trunks, and 6- or 9-inch boxer briefs.  Brandon T. called UFMs ‘Better Than Advertised’ and says, “I was looking for support for after vasectomy procedure and stumbled across UFM. These are amazing! They keep everything in place and no chafing. Perfect support for working out too. The drawstrings are genius.”


Keep Gauze and Padding in Place

Thanks to consistent support that doesn’t quit or need constant adjustment, your UFM briefs or boxer briefs will hold gauze in place throughout the day. Once you pull the drawstring exactly how you need it, tie it off, and you are ready for the day. If your doctor recommends gauze and an antibiotic ointment for the surgical site, your UFM Support Underwear will hold the gauze in place without any readjustment. Once the patented adjustable drawstring support pouch is tied, you won’t have to worry and things moving around. Our support underwear is especially useful during vasectomy recovery because your manhood stays fully supported and the tapered leg on the boxer briefs doesn’t ride up at all. Underwear For Men will keep you happy and healing as you recover from your vaectomy. 

Minimize Swelling During Vasectomy Recovery

Just like wrapping a sprained ankle with a bandage minimizes swelling, so does wearing tight fitting underwear after a vasectomy. UFMs are tight enough to support you but they are breathable and comfortable as well. Polyester is similar to a compression short and will offer a very firm and tight fit. Our moisture wicking materials also mean you never experience odor or problems with sweat during recovery. Underwear For Men gives you every advantage of reduced swelling but wont feel tight or constrictive. After your vasectomy recovery, you will find yourself switching to UFM support underwear for everyday wear.

Underwear For Men - The Best Underwear After a Vasectomy

Underwear For Men was originally created for athletic use. But there is a need for it in a variety of other sectors. Men wear our briefs and boxer briefs for medical, everyday, sports, and work. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch is gentle and feels customized to your size. Both our 6- and 9-inch boxer briefs have a tapered design so they stay put on your leg. The product is sized according to your waist size, so you are not stuck with a one-size-fits-all-pouch. Urologists highly recommend Underwear For Men to patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. UFMs eliminate post-workout discomfort, correct senior sag, and keep incontinence guards in place. Whether you need your UFMs for post-surgical recovery or long-term conditions, our product doesn’t lose support in the wash.


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