Get Excellent Testicular Support With Underwear For Men

Get Excellent Testicular Support With Underwear For Men

Enough is enough. Ditch your normal underwear (or jockstrap) for a product that offers real scrotal support. Underwear For Men has a drawstring adjustable support pouch so every man can find the perfect fit.



The Worries of Testicles

It Could Happen To Anyone

Testicular injuries are uncommon, despite the vulnerable position of the testicles. However, the chances of receiving a testicular trauma cannot be ruled out. Testicles hang outside the body in the scrotum, which is a pouch of skin and as the testicles are hanging out, they are not supported by muscles or bones. Thus, they can be kicked, struck, hit or crushed by an external force leading to the injury. As men age, everything starts to get lower. Leaving us even more vulnerable to mishaps. That's why the right pair of testicle support underwear can help keep you safe and healthy. 

Testicles Under Normal Conditions

Testicles are known as the producers of testosterone and sperms and thus are an important part of the male reproduction system. However, they are prone to injuries that can damage essential reproductive elements, risking the chance of infertility. Testicles under normal conditions are known as the storehouse of sperms as they stay here to mature before moving out through the vas deferens.

Here is the basic anatomy of the scrotum as well as an example of one type of injury.....

testicular support

Causes Of Testicular Injury

Testicles can be injured by a penetrating force such as gunshot wound or stab wound, it can also suffer a trauma by a blunt force such as kick in the groin or the smack of a ball. Testicles can also be partially or completely injured by getting inflicted with similar injuries.

Testicle injury is of three types:

  • Blunt trauma
  • Penetrating trauma
  • Degloving trauma

Blunt trauma refers to the injuries suffered by a male from an object that was applied with a significant force to the testicles. This injury can occur while you enjoy a game of your favorite sport, while fighting with someone, or working on a home project (accidents happen). 

Next, penetrating trauma is the type of injury that is attained by a sharp object or from an object at a high velocity. Gunshots would fall under this category. In this situation something has to actually break the skin and enter the body.

Avulsion injury or degloving trauma is the least common type of testicular trauma. In this type of injury, the scrotal skin is sheared off. Men can experience this type of trauma when then their testicles get trapped in heavy machinery or rubs against something like a carpet or road. 

While a majority of testicular injuries can result in the rupture or fracture of the testicles, the injuries can also result in more serious problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from testicular trauma, it is important to visit the doctor at the first possibility. 

The right pair of scrotal support underwear will help to protect you from outside forces and make sure that when accidents do happen, you won't be in the way of them. 

Get The Right Testicular Support Underwear



The Jockstrap vs Underwear For Men - Support Underwear

Previously jockstraps were used to support the testicles but they were the only option outside of standard underwear. They would offer some support, but often made men feel constricted and uncomfortable. Underwear For Men is seen as a comfortable alternative to jockstrap and is recommended by urologists for extra support. So not only are you complying with your urologists instructions to, "get supportive underwear", but you will also look good and feel good. Not to mention jockstraps are a one-size-fits-all, compared to the adjustable support pouch UFM offers, making sure you get a custom fit based on what you feel comfortable. 

Conditions That Require Scrotal Support

Superior testicle support is also required by patients suffering from various medical conditions. For instance; if a man is suffering from Epididymitis or Hydrocele, doctors recommend them to wear an underwear that will provide the required support to the testicles. This allows the adjustable pouch to do the supporting for you, instead of relying on your body to do it. 

Underwear For Men also makes it easy for senior citizens and patients suffering from incontinence to keep the male guard in place. UFMs works great with Depend and Prevail, making sure you can stay comfortable and confident. 

So if you have ever experienced:

  • Chafing
  • Sticking of the Scrotum to the Thighs
  • Sitting on the Balls
  • Minor Traumas
  • Constant Adjustments

Then it is time to try a pair of UFMs today! Use the code TRYAPAIR for $5 off your first purchase.

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