Underwear For Men Offers Underwear That Actually Supports You

Underwear For Men Offers Underwear That Actually Supports You

Supportive mens underwear usually offer some kind of pouch, but that rarely offers anything more than separation. Underwear For Men developed a patented drawstring adjustable pouch that offers every man a custom fit.

The Disappointment of Modern Underwear


Get Some Real Support

Most modern underwear attempts to mash you together against your body. But that's because they are mistaking compression for support. Real support is probably the most important feature of mens underwear, but surprisingly, most men’s underwear brands fall short in offering this feature. Mens underwear should hold your manhood in place without any need to adjust or feel squished. Most of the options on the market either push your manhood against your body or leave you hanging. There is an underwear brand that can satisfy the needs of men and their manhood -- Underwear For Men. Whether you are an athletic man that needs support and isolation for your workouts or a man suffering from a medical condition, Underwear For Men will help to support your manhood with the most comfortable mens underwear around.

Eliminate the Need to Constantly Adjust - Buy Supportive Underwear

Underwear For Men has different support levels for different men. Get our Max Support if you always like to wear things high and tight. Whereas our Regular Support is great for those people that prefer things a little more relaxed. Our pouch isolates your manhood so you don’t have to adjust throughout the day. You never feel compressed, squished, or too free. UFMs provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and support. Once you pull the drawstring to your desired level of support, you can tie it off to make sure it doesn't move again. UFM looks and feels like a normal pair of underwear -- until you tie the adjustable pouch. See for yourself why the adjustable pouch is our most essential feature for support.  



Briefs or Boxer Briefs? Support or No Support?


These two underwear styles are wildly popular among men looking for more support. They are easily the most common types worn by most guys. But the concepts haven't changed much since their inception (other than in material or look). However, Underwear For Men has been able to successfully implement our support pouch into both styles. We highly recommend trying both and seeing which option you like best. UFM briefs and boxer briefs support you in the same way, the only difference is the material on the leg. Briefs keep your legs free and are perfect under pants or jeans. Boxer briefs are recommended for exercise. They completely eliminate chafing. James R. says UFMs are, “Very comfortable and supportive. Can't wait to buy more.”  

Preventing Future Issues Like Sagging Testicles

The more you sag down, the more you notice that standard underwear just doesn't do the job. Since they don't offer real support if you start to sag down the odds are your normal underwear will push you underneath yourself. That means constantly running the risk of sitting on yourself. Prevent future medical concerns by investing in supportive underwear now. As men age, gravity takes its toll on the body. In addition, certain body parts like the scrotum often grow larger. Our men’s underwear prevents issues like sagging testicles. Choosing underwear that isn’t supportive can lead to pain and discomfort in the future. Make the switch now, and your future self will thank you.  



Underwear For Men - The Best Supportive Underwear

Supportive Men’s Underwear For All Sizes

Nearly every pair of men’s underwear is designed with a one-size-fits-all pouch. If you order a small, the waist might fit, but the corresponding pouch comes in small size and might not fit right or offer good enough support. Underwear For Men is available in waist sizes, like pants, which means you aren’t getting a generic size. After receiving some customer feedback we decided to implement larger pouch sizes in our new Gen 5 Regular Support and Gen 3.1 Max Support.  This means that there is a pouch size for every man. We should all have the highest level of comfort possible and that can mean different things to different people. So get the custom fit you deserve with Underwear For Men. 

UFM customer Zeke V tried our new Gen 3.1 and had this to say, "These underwear are a joy. They keep the junk together and keep them cool. Everyone should try a pair...or two.....or more !!!"


Doesn’t Lose Support With Washing

Every man has a pair of underwear sitting deep in the underwear drawer that he is forced to unearth if everything else is dirty. This pair of underwear is usually faded, stretched out and saggy, and probably has some holes in it (I'm looking at you, cotton underwear). If this is you, it’s time to upgrade your underwear! Here at Underwear For Men we take great price in our products and hold them to the highest quality. That is why we only use the best materials available, Polyester and Bamboo. These materials hold their shape much better than standard cotton underwear and because we make sure to use the best quality available they will not lose support in the wash. 

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men is a mens underwear company created with every man in mind. Our patented adjustable support pouch underwear is game-changing. It started as athletic underwear but after 4000+ 5 Star Reviews we learned that they are also great in the work and medical segments, as well as for everyday life! We offer sizes all the way from XS (24-26) through 5X (56-58) as well as both a Maximum and Regular Support option. Real solutions for every man regardless of size or shape. Get a pair today and you won't be disappointed! 

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