UFM Medical Underwear - Style and Comfort

UFM Medical Underwear - Style and Comfort

UFM Medical

UFM Medical Underwear – Provides The Right Support To Patients Have you recently undergone a vasectomy or prostate surgery and are looking for a more comfortable alternative to Jockstrap to provide that extra support to your genitalia? Do you suffer from incontinence, but hate the idea of using disposable or traditional medical underwear? Do you suffer from scrotal sag? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are definitely searching for underwear that provides superior support. Search no more, because UFM underwear is the answer. UFMs have been designed with exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring support system that makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the support according to his requirements. UFMs are the only Boxer Briefs on the market that provide actual support.  Moreover, because of its superior support, urologists often recommend UFM underwear to patients who have recently undergone a medical procedure as it is a comfortable alternative to jockstrap. Incontinence is an annoying problem which causes inconvenience and embarrassment for the patient. Therefore, if you are dealing with this problem and are looking for a perfect pair of very comfortable (normal) underwear instead disposable or medical underwear, choose UFM-Medical underwear. It works perfectly with different male incontinence guard products such as Prevail and Depends and the drawstring feature keeps the pad in place. In addition, the adjustable pouch provides the extra support while maintaining your dignity.   UFMs are available in different sizes, but it is important to choose a pair depending on your waist size instead of your normal underwear sizes:

  • Medium (28-30)
  • Large (32-34)
  • X-Large (36-38)
  • XX-Large (40-42)
  • 3X (44-46) (Coming Soon)
  • 4X (48-50) (Coming Soon)
  • 5X (52-54) (Coming Soon)

As we grow old, different parts of our body continue to grow. Testicles, being one of them, continue to grow and with increasing age, you can experience scrotal sag. The increased size of the testicles and the gravitational force makes it uncomfortable for a man to pursue his daily activities without:

  • Sitting on his balls
  • Experiencing chaffing
  • The scrotum sticking to the thighs
  • The testicles getting in the way

  If you want to get rid of all these problems, try UFM underwear. Designed with moisture wicking and breathable fabric, UFM underwear helps to keep you dry and comfortable while providing the required support. Millions of men across the globe prefer UFM – A premium brand of men's underwear because: It comes with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring adjustable support system

  • It is designed with premium moisture wicking and lightweight fabric
  • Athletic 10% elastane / 90% polyester blend
  • Provide controlled isolation and support
  • Offer secure and comfortable fit
  • Fabric does not bunch up or lose its shape
  • Designed to keep the wearer supported
  • Available colors – black, gray and red

So order a pair today and feel the difference yourself.

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