Incontinence Underwear For Men from High Tech Advanced Brand

Incontinence Underwear For Men from High Tech Advanced Brand

Did you know that 17% of men over the age of 60 experience some form of urinary incontinence? No matter the cause or reason behind your incontinence, it is possible for you to still feel comfortable you won't have an accident as you go about your day. There are a few types of incontinence, mostly divided by the amount of urine expelled per incident. Underwear For Men created an underwear for men that simply happens to be secure enough that it holds padding in place. We simply made a high quality product to hold your manhood in place. Our underwear for men fits the mans body, which also means any padding you need for incontinence stays in place as you go about your day. Our brand actually started when we realized guys needed the right solution for athletic wear. It didn't take us long to realize, men were buying our briefs and boxer briefs for everyday, sport, work, and medical use. Our team started getting reviews from customers stating they experienced medical relief from UFMs. Because of all features provided by our underwear, guys of all ages wear our brand. The features of our product include moisture-wicking material, an adjustable pouch, a tapered leg that doesn't roll up or down, and sizing according to your waist measurement. Our urologist recommended underwear is now the choice of men suffering from medical conditions like hydrocele or incontinence issues. In a short but positive review, Fred B. said, "Most comfortable I've been in months. Also the driest. Pads fit perfectly and don't wander."

How Does The Padding Stay In Place?

Our brand is known for its US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch underwear. Because of this unique feature you cannot find in other options, incontinence padding is easy to keep in place as you bend or move. It's simple. You pull on the underwear, you adjust your manhood, and you tie the drawstring to create a hammock-like pouch. This pouch actually feels custom fit to your size. Once the drawstring is tied, it doesn't loosen. When you add padding to your pouch for incontinence issues, it doesn't move around in your underwear. No matter how much you move, it stays in place.  Guys wear our underwear for men during all activities including sports, work, and everyday wear. Rest easy knowing and leakage is hitting the padding and not your underwear. Take back your manhood with Underwear For Men. We encourage you to try Underwear For Men in conjunction with your incontinence padding and leakage solutions. Our underwear works best for men suffering from light to moderate leakage. Our underwear for men completely eliminates the minor dribbling and moderate leaks which occur for some men.

For Men Experiencing Light Leakage

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One of the main issues for a guy experiencing light leakage is the way padding or protective guards move around in regular underwear. Without the right support, you don't know if the padding sits in the right place in case of urinary incontinence. Simply put, the thought of dripping is distracting. Underwear For Men allows you to look and feel great without any concern for leakage. What started as an athletic underwear quickly evolved into a solution for men dealing with incontinence. Once the pouch is tied, your protective guard won't move. A minor leak is sure to hit the padding if you are sporting Underwear For Men. UFM customer Vincent L. says, "I had prostate cancer and currently have to wear incontinence pads as a result of my surgery. I have had a problem finding undershorts that are comfortable with the extra padding I now have to wear. These shorts are FANTASTIC as they accommodate the additional padding as well as provide great support. I definitely plan to buy more in the near future. These shorts are GREAT!!" 

For Men Experiencing Moderate Leaks

Guards are a popular choice among guys experiencing moderate leakage. Just like the light leakage option, a guard stays put once you tie the adjustable pouch in your Underwear For Men. The adjustable pouch also provides you with consistent support, so if you are suffering from a medical condition you get relief from discomfort. Our briefs and boxer briefs are made from moisture wicking fabric. This keeps you cool even if you are moving or actively sweating. Try a pair of Underwear For Men to see for yourself how the underwear keeps your padding in place.  underwear for men

For Men Experiencing Full Bladder Leakage

If you are a guy that deals with full bladder leakage, there are a few incontinence solutions to fit your style. Heavy leakage padding allows you the opportunity to wear your own underwear while still getting protected during a full bladder leak. Padding for full bladder leakages tends to be larger than moderate or light padding. Because of this, your regular underwear might feel bulky or uncomfortable when you are wearing padding. You won't experience this with Underwear For Men. Since the pouch is adjustable to your size, there is plenty of space for your manhood as well as a heavy leak padding. If you prefer wearing daily underwear made for heavy leaks, UFMs are a great backup solution. Our underwear makes a man feel manly at the end of the day. With them on, you also show off an enhanced profile view to the one you love. Ultimately, we want you to feel completely confident in how you look. You deserve to feel manly. For guys with heavy leaks, disposable underwear may be the best solution when you are going somewhere. While you are home and wanting to show off your physique or impress your wife, UFMs give you the chance to regain your feeling of manliness. You are still able to wear Underwear For Men briefs or boxer briefs to feel good about yourself. We encourage you to take back your manhood!

About Underwear For Men

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Underwear For Men built a brand around providing men with a better underwear option than what is currently on the market. We consider every aspect of design during the manufacturing process in order to create the right product for every man. Our underwear for men comes in briefs, 6-inch boxer briefs, and 9-inch boxer briefs, available in seven colors. The adjustable pouch underwear made by UFM is unlike any other option on the market. Wear our briefs and boxer briefs for everyday, medical, sport, and work.

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