Why Do You Need Athletic Underwear?

Why Do You Need Athletic Underwear?

The best athletic underwear will be able to offer you support, sweat wicking abilities, lift, isolation, and comfort. All are important for an athlete and help in different ways.

The Reasons For Athletic Underwear

Lift - Just like some people lift to get strong. You want your underwear to lift you up not push you down. Standard underwear will just mash you in-between your legs. True athletic underwear lifts you up and holds you in one place.

Support - Once the athletic underwear lifts you it also needs to offer some type of support. Support pouch underwear is the newest trend for athletics because it not only lifts you up but holds you in place. Making sure your underwear is supporting you so your body doesn't have to. 

Isolation - Keeping your package out from between your legs is crucial. The last thing you want to do is make a weird leg movement and smash yourself. Staying isolated helps prevent chaffing and rashes that might get caused from the material and your package rubbing each other the wrong way.

Moisture Wicking Materials - Staying dry is an important part of preventing chaffing and making sure you stay comfortable. Cotton underwear gets wet and stays wet. Which weighs you down and makes you uncomfortable. Bamboo materials feel like cotton but have much better wicking properties which makes them ideal for lighter intensity sports. Whereas Polyester is a durable material that pulls sweat off you while also drying quickly which makes it ideal for even the most intense workouts.

Athletic Briefs vs Athletic Boxer Briefs

Both styles have some pros and cons and can work differently depending on the person and usage. It is more important for someone to feel comfortable and safe, regardless of what may be considered better by some people. Athletic Briefs tend to work well with slimmer people doing activities like running. Since there is no leg the seam runs very close to the pelvis and buttocks. This means there is a higher chance of getting a wedgie. Especially if you are doing something that involves a lot of up and down movement. But it also means there is less material on you which keeps you cooler. Similar to how runners often have lining in their shorts, athletic briefs make for a great lining but offer much better support. Athletic Boxer Briefs are usually the preference due to the extra material down the legs. This makes sure that there is no skin on skin contact. Allowing the material to wick sweat while also helping avoid rashes and chaffing. The extra material also moves well with the body and you can even get a longer 9" leg to makes sure there is no chance of the material rolling up. The extra material can cause some people to feel hotter and it may show below your shorts. But overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

What Is The Best Athletic Underwear?

The best athletic underwear will have all the properties mentioned above. Along with being stylish, having a good price point, and offering great customer service. Underwear For Men is some of the best athletic underwear on the market. It offers support, lift, isolation, comfort, and your choice of a variety of materials and styles. Starting at $24.95 and with 4000+ 5 Star Reviews not only is it a great product but our customers love it and often come back for years.

"Best underwear I have ever owned. Certainly solves the problem of keeping the tool box out of harms way. Excellent lift. Five stars." - Leonard M

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