UFM Underwear – Take Your Pick From Different Styles

UFM Underwear – Take Your Pick From Different Styles

The most intimate piece of clothing – Underwear often remains under covers. This is the most unmentionable topic that do not find a place in every day discussion. But no garment stays as close as an underwear, therefore it is important to make a choice carefully. With the evolving trends, underwear has also evolved for the better.

Earlier cotton briefs were the most preferred types of underware that were sported by males. But now you can find a variety of underwear in the lingerie drawer. There may be an assortment of options to choose from, but if a guy knows when and where to wear a pair of that perfect underwear, the choice can be narrowed down easily. So if you are ready to invest in a new pair, read on to choose the best type to suit your requirements.


One of the favorite types of underwear , Trunks are loose fitting briefs that recently rose to popularity. It is a hybrid of boxer briefs and briefs available in a variety of fabrics. A major drawback with trunks is that they keep rolling up under the clothes as they are not secured at the bottom. Trunks are also used as a part of male swimwear as they reach the knee and are made up of nylon fabric for quick drying.

  • Perfect For: Every day wear, Sports Wear and Dressing up.


UFM Briefs

A majority of the guys own a pair of briefs and that too for good reasons. These are the standard underwear that come in a variety of sizes and fabric. These are preferred over other options as they cover the butts completely making it comfortable for the wearer. UFM underwear comes with an additional advantage of an adjustable pouch. The wearer is just required to pull the strings to make a pouch depending on his comfort level.

  • Perfect For: Dressing up, Every day wear and Going out.


A popular type among old people, a jockstrap underwear is used to give an extra support and protection to the balls. They isolate the genital organ, making it comfortable for the wearer to indulge in different activities. Highly preferred by sportsmen, a potential drawback of this kind is that it leaves the butt hanging out without any support. A comfortable alternative to jockstrap underwear is the UFM underwear as it provides the required support and protection while covering the butts as well.

  • Perfect For: Rigorous sports, Vasectomy patients

Boxers Shorts

Referred to as boxer shorts or simply boxers, these are the most famous type of underwear worn by a man. These can be availed in a variety of design and styles and offer the ease of movement to the wearer. They are unflattering and formless and do not provide any support to the male genitalia. They make up for a great choice during hot and humid weather. These can now be availed as slim fit boxers and relaxed fit.

  • Perfect For: Casual Sport, As an every day Wear

Boxer Briefs 

UFM Boxer Briefs - Copy

A combination of two types of underwear – boxers and briefs, boxer briefs cover about half to 1\3 of the thigh. They are long like boxers but provide extra support similar to briefs. As an everyday wear, UFM boxer briefs are the safest option as they provide extra support and are flattering to the body types. UFM underwear offers protection from chafing throughout the day along with being comfortable at the same time. They do not roll up under the clothes and are made up of breathable fabric.

  • Perfect For: Every day wear, Moderate sports, and Prostrate surgery patients.

So choose UFM US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable underwear for maximum support and comfort. The choice of underwear depends on personal preferences, but don't be afraid to try something new. You can browse through the collection of UFM briefs and boxer briefs at https://www.ufmunderwear.com/ and buy them online at Amazon or UFM Underwear.

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