Ladies, What's The Deal With Pouch Underwear?

Ladies, What's The Deal With Pouch Underwear?

Are you tired of seeing saggy, baggy underwear on your man? Do you roll your eyes every time he adjusts himself? There is a better solution out there than plain old boxers or unflattering tighty whities. There used to be what was just a handful of options -- but now the choices are simply overwhelming. Walking through any men’s underwear aisle in a big store and it just seems like the choices are too confusing. Shopping for underwear doesn’t have to be complicated. Take the time to understand pouch underwear and you’ll see why your guy needs them for himself. Thanks to Underwear For Men, you’ll know exactly what to buy for your man, son, or dad. So why does a man need better underwear than regular tighty whities? Think of it this way -- just like a woman needs a supportive sports bra, a man needs supportive underwear. Men deal with a range of issues with their manhood that women may not fully understand. A man needs support, comfort, and some serious protection against sweat and chafing. Underwear For Men provides all of this and more with briefs and boxer briefs.  

Women Make The Purchasing Decisions

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According to Forbes, women drive 70 to 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions, which includes both buying power and influence. This means up to 80% of women either make the purchases on their own or are the key influencer in the purchasing decision. Without knowing it, you most likely have been buying the wrong kind of underwear for the men in your life. We want to empower you with the what and why so you can understand why men need UFM pouch underwear. This article provides an overview about the issues that plague men – and explains why certain options just don’t work.  


Your #1 Complaint: He’s Always Adjusting

You’ve seen your guy adjusting – it probably even drives you crazy.  Pouch underwear from Underwear For Men totally fixes the adjusting problem. Not only does pouch underwear improve your man’s life, it makes yours more bearable too. Once your guy ties his drawstring, it stays in place. This is true whether he is sitting at his desk or going for a run. If your guy has a medical concern which makes him always need to adjust himself, consistent support provides him with much needed relief.  The US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch isolates the manhood from the rest of the body preventing skin-on-skin contact, much like an underwire bra does for women only it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable. The pouch also gives men relief from sagging, hernia pain, and prostate issues.  

His #1 Complaint: He’s Tired of Feeling Unsupported During Workouts

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Pouch underwear is designed with extra space in the front of the underwear, right where a man needs it. The problem with most pouch underwear brands is the pouches are designed to be one-size-fits-all. This means, if you buy a small, the pouch is a small size. Not everyone’s pouch size corresponds to their body size, just like a woman’s breast size doesn’t always correspond to her dress size. Underwear For Men has a solution to this. We size our pouch underwear by waist size with an adjustable pouch for every man’s individual size.  Our boxer briefs and briefs offer a fit men can depend on. A proper fit means support is consistent and doesn’t fail. The drawstring creates a hammock-like feel which is comfortable for all men. The customizable pouch means a man can wear the same pair of underwear for relaxing and working out. No matter how many times you wash Underwear For Men, the support doesn’t stretch or wear out.  

Both of You Are Tired of His Butt Sweat

UFM pouch underwear considers the natural ways the body sweats and prevents odors by wicking sweat and drying quickly. The fabrics are soft and breathable, and the pouch is made of a stretchy mesh that allows for air to be easily circulate around his most delicate parts. Even a man sitting behind a desk could find himself sweating! You don’t want your guy feeling uncomfortable at any time, and you certainly don’t want him to have to worry about someone smelling his sweaty odors. Underwear For Men is the only solution.  

That’s a Nice Profile

Buying UFM underwear for your man means you also experience the benefits of an improved profile. Saggy, baggy underwear just looks bad and doesn’t do your many any favors. Kind of like a push-up bra enhances your womanhood, UFMs enhance your manhood. Underwear For Men is designed to make your man feel good and improves your man’s profile.  

About Underwear For Men's Pouch Underwear

Underwear For Men began as an idea launched on Kickstarter. We make briefs and boxer briefs for men to wear during all of life’s activities. Boxer briefs come in a 6-inch and 9-inch inseam. The 9-inch inseam is perfect for athletic men with larger thighs. For Men provides a man with the following:

    • Support: To keep him comfortable for daily activities as well as during a workout
    • Breathability: So he does not feel suffocated or squished inside his trunks
    • Isolation: To stop chafing and sticking to the thigh
    • Cooling: For preventing sweating and feeling comfortable all day long
    • Durability: So you aren’t throwing away underwear after a few uses
    • Tailored Fit: To stop rolling and bunching in the legs and to prevent the waistband from riding up or down – meaning no chafing and no plumber’s crack for you!

Available in 7 colors, our underwear is also available in big and tall sizes for men with a waist of up to 58 inches. The most popular uses for UFMs are for everyday wear, medical, work, and working out.

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