Everybody dream for a perfect body, but it can only be achieved by sweating it out in the gym. While a majority of people believe that time and motivation are the two most important factors that will keep you going to achieve that 6 pack abs, they are probably wrong. Every man must have a pair of well-fitted underwear to meet the requirements of his body during the workout session.

Spending long time in the gym exercising means that you will face a lot of problems. A couple of them include:

  • Sweating
  • Sticking of genitals to the thighs
  • Heat Generation
  • Funky smell
  • Chafing

If you have experienced it all and are looking for a stylish alternative to your cotton underwear, we have the answer. UFMs have been specially designed by the professionals to deal with different problems. The UFM underwear comes with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable drawstring support system, that help the wearer to adjust the support to a comfortable level.

While looking for a workout underwear, you must make sure that the underwear has all the below-listed properties.

  • Moisture Wickingmoisture wicking features explained

When you work out, you sweat a lot and if the underwear does not wick away the sweat it will cause irritation and crotch chafing. Therefore, it is the most vital aspect to keep in mind while shopping for a workout underwear. UFMs are made up of moisture wicking and breathable fabric that keep the wearer cool and comfortable even in hot and humid climate.

  • Prevents Chafing

Have you ever experienced crotch chafing? It can be a really painful experience. Crotch chafing can turn into a complex problem with the region around the groin turning red and having blisters. It generally occurs due to friction between the skin and the fabric, while precipitation promotes it. The adjustable pouch and the moisture wicking fabric of UFM underwear keeps a person safe from chafing. By keeping the genitals away from the body, you can let the skin breathe, which prevents chafing.

  • Support

Boxer_Brief_Red_InsideoutWhile working out, it is imperative that your package is properly supported, otherwise it will bounce around. Pouch underwear is not able to provide the required support as they are not customized according to the wearer needs. However, the UFMs adjustable pouch makes it easy for the wearer to enjoy the workout session without worrying about his genitals. The drawstrings can be pulled to adjust the pouch according to the requirements. With proper support, injuries during the exercising time can be easily prevented.

  • Stays Put

If you are planning an intense workout, moving underwear can be a bit annoying. Underwear that ride up or lose its shape after the first wash will definitely make it difficult for you to concentrate on your workout session. However, UFM is different from the regular brand of underwear. It does not bunch up or lose its shape even after n number of washes. The underwear moves only when the man moves and does not cause any distraction during the session. It works as a second skin and allows the wearer to enjoy his workout.

  • Elasticity and Breathable

Breathable UFM underwear helps get rid of moisture to prevent funky smell, chafing or even the mildest discomfort. UFM underwear is made up of 10% elastane and 90% Polyester and thus is quite flexible. UFM briefs or boxer briefs will not become a problem during the exercising session nor will they rip in the middle of the session.

While looking for a perfect pair of workout underwear, choosing UFMs will be the best choice. They are seen as a stylish yet comfortable alternative to the regular pair of underwear. UFM underwear ensures more efficient workouts that will help you to achieve the desired results early. UFM underwear comes in different sizes, so you can easily choose one that suits you. Buy them at Amazon.com or UFM online store.