2Undr UNderwear vs Underwear For Men: What’s the Difference?

2Undr UNderwear vs Underwear For Men: What’s the Difference?

With 100s of underwear for men options to choose from, buying the best underwear for your needs can take a little research.

UFM and 2UNDR are a style of underwear for men called pouch underwear. Pouch underwear has a contour pouch built into the front of the underwear to provide isolation and prevent skin on skin contact. Most pouch underwear styles are made from form fitting lightweight, breathable fabrics designed to provide more support than traditional briefs or boxers.

If you’re deciding between UFM and 2UNDR, this chart below should help give you a good sense of how we stack up. 

underwear for men versus 2undr comparison chart


Chris G says “Halleluja!! I just got my first pair and love them! For years I've been trying to find underwear that eliminates scrotum-stick to my leg! I live in HOTlanta so yada yada yada you understand. For a few years I've tried C in 2 and it was ok. Just in the last few months I've tried My Pakage and Sheath. Their pouches were a welcome change, but UFM is next level! So snug, no adjustments needed ever! I want to throw out everything and start over with UFM.”


Sean H says “THE Best of the Best. UFM is the best underwear for men...period. It fits snug where it needs to and has room where it's important. I've become an underwear snob with one side of my drawer filled with unused, old-style briefs and the other side is nearly always empty where I put the UFM brand underwear...if it's not on me, it's usually in the wash. Great product. Great company.”

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