UFM Hernia Underwear Helps Both Pre and Post-Op

UFM Hernia Underwear Helps Both Pre and Post-Op

The right hernia underwear will help to support your scrotum while offering some amount of pressure on the weakened area of the abdomen. 

How Do Inguinal Hernias Happen?


Inguinal Hernia generally occurs in the groin area when fatty or intestinal tissues push through the inguinal canal, that is located at the base of the abdomen. It comes through a weak spot in abdominal muscles and forms a bulge in your pelvis area. This bulge can be painful, especially when moving. But often times a combination of support and pressure in the correct places will help to alleviate some of this pain and allow you to move around somewhat normally. 

If there is any pain or enlargement occurring with your hernia the doctor will most suggest moving forward with surgery. As an untreated hernia can lead to some serious, possibly life threatening, complications. But if the hernia is minor your doctor may suggest that you get some type of hernia underwear to help in the meantime and then move forward with surgery should it get worse.

Not all hernias require surgery, but without the proper treatment they will only continue to get worse, which makes surgery the only option. 

Symptoms Of Inguinal Hernia

One of the first signs of an inguinal hernia is a small nodule on either side of the pubic bone. The nodule may increase in size over time and usually disappears when lying down, but is very noticeable when standing. This type of hernia may be painful or sensitive to the touch.      

Other Signs And Symptoms

  • Pain in the Groin when Coughing, Exercising, or Bending Over
  • Burning or Aching Sensations
  • Heavy or Dragging in the Groin
  • Swelling in the Scrotum

Causes And Risk Factors Of Inguinal Hernia

The major causes of the inguinal hernia are the weak spots within the abdomen and groin muscles combined with a larger amount of pressure on the area. 

Some Additional Risk Factors Include:

  • Straining During a Bowel Movement
  • Long Periods of Standing
  • Chronic Cough
  • Strenuous Activity
  • Pressure on the Abdomen

How To Deal With An Inguinal Hernia

Open Hernia Repair

This type of surgery is often done under anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the groin area and then pushes the protruding tissue back into the abdomen. The surgeon then sews the weakened area, often putting a layer of synthetic mesh down as reinforcement. Then the opening is closed with staples or stitches. 

You are often encouraged to move around right after the surgery. But it may take a few weeks to get back to completely normnal activities. Overall, this is a fairly straightforward, low-risk procedure.


This method of surgery is still done under anesthesia. However, they make several small cuts on the abdomen, compared to a larger cut around the groin. Gas is used to inflate your abdomen and makes the other organs easier to get to. The surgeon then puts a camera into one incision and with its guide uses tiny instruments to repair the hernia with synthetic mesh. 

people who opt for laparoscopy tend to have less discomfort and scarring while being able to get back to normal activities quicker. But there is a higher chance for the hernia to reoccur with this method. Which is why it is best to find an expert. 

Hernia Underwear Helps

If you are in the early stages of your hernia, there is still a chance your body can recover on its own. With the right support and care your hernia may get better. Wearing the right hernia underwear helps by having your scortum supported, thus pulling less stress on the hernia. As well as offering compression along the weakened part of your lower abdomen and pelvis. These two in combination can help you to recover or at least avoid surgery for as long as possible. 

Underwear For Men offers hernia underwear that has a patented drawstring adjustable support pouch. You can pull it tight for the maximum support as recovery just starts and then as you get better you can continue to loosen it for increased comfort. The UFM support pouch lifts you up and forward. Keeping you out from between your legs to help prevent chafing or unnecessary bumps. This also means you don't need to adjust yourself anymore because you know you are going to stay in the same spot all day long.  

UFM offers the wearer a chance to choose between two options;


Hernia Support Briefs - Briefs offer minimal coverage, usually only covering the waist to the top of the thighs. This does make them quite cool and the cut makes sure you won't have any lines in your outfit if you like to wear tight or low-rise pants. Since the fabric for Briefs stays close to your body (no legs to pull anything away) they offer great scrotal support, hugging everything closer together while the adjustable pouch still lifts you nicely.

Hernia Support Boxer Briefs - As the name implies, boxer briefs are the middle ground between boxers and briefs. The underwear is cut like tapered boxers yet fits tightly like briefs; it provides better comfort and coverage. The seams being away from your body also helps to reduce chaffing and wedgies. This is often the preferred option for more active people. 

Take a look at our medical page to find out more about how UFM can help you.

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