UFM – Underwear For Wicking Sweat

UFM – Underwear For Wicking Sweat

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you love trying new exercises and activities? If so, then you know it's important to have the right gear. Exercising increases your body temperature, which makes you sweat, and if you are wearing layers of clothes the dampness will remain with your underwear. But not with UFM and our sweat wicking materials. 

Runner's underwear

So, if you want to enjoy that adventure activity with your friends what kind of underwear should you choose? The answer... choose moisture wicking undies. UFM underwear is made up of moisture wicking and breathable fabric (Polyester and Bamboo) which keeps you comfortable and dry all day long.

What are Moisture Wicking Undergarments?

Wicking underwear is known to remove the moisture from the skin while also drying quickly. When you exercise and wear an underwear made up of non-wicking fabric, the perspiration stays there which can cause chaffing, irritation, and rashes. 

Moisture wicking undergarments:

  • Dries faster than cotton underwear

  • Transports sweat away from the body

  • Retains its shape even after it has been worn for a number of times

Sweat during playing

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear

UFM moisture wicking underwear is worn to keep the balls dry and to provide extra support for them. Keeping you cool, comfortable, isolated, and supported. They are a comfortable alternative to the jockstrap and are also recommended by the urologists worldwide. UFM underwear is also known for their ability to isolate the scrotum from the rest of the body which helps to prevent chaffing. 

The moisture wicking UFM underwear comes in two different varieties:

UFM Materials

  • Polyester - Synthetic Fabric

The synthetic fabric used to design wicking underwear includes spandex and polyester. These fabrics are light in weight and tend to dry quickly. They do not wear out, nor do they shrink. Some synthetic wicking underwear is made up of natural silver salt that keep the undies odor free. These are some of the best underwear for running. 

  • Viscose (Bamboo) - Natural Fabric

This material can easily absorb the moisture to keep the wearer dry yet cool. Moreover, natural fabric is preferred by sportsmen who have to play in hot and humid conditions for a long time since it is a more breathable fabric than the Polyester. This material stays cooler than others yet wicks sweat better than a cotton item. 

What Is The Best Breathable Underwear?

Cotton Underwear

Underwear made up of cotton, a light and breathable fabric, is preferred by people indulging in light activities. However if you are someone who likes to work up a sweat, this fabric is not recommended as the cotton will easily absorb sweat and become heavy further irritating the skin in such a sensitive area. This material does not wick moisture well, most of it stays on the fabric until you change. 

Polyester Underwear

This material has been specifically designed to move perspiration away from your body. Keeping you dry even when you're sweating. It is often preferred for more heavy duty and intense exercises where you are more concerned with staying dry than staying cool. 

Viscose(Bamboo) Underwear

The coolest and softest of all the matrials, Bamboo is designed to feel like cotton while functioning closer to Polyester. It has a cotton feel but wicks sweat much better making sure that you are cool and dry. This is ideal for lighter activities like golf.

Active Sports

UFM Pouch Underwear

UFM underwear comes with a US and Intl patented adjustable drawstring support pouch which makes it easy for the wearer to have that extra support whenever required. You can tighten it for the more intense workouts or loosen it for a casual stroll around the block. Combine this with our moisture wicking materials and it is the perfect underwear for running, working out, golfing, or any other sport. You will stay comfortable, cool, and chafe free. Invest in a pair of UFMs today and soon you won't be able to workout without them. 

UFM Sports Underwear

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