Runner's underwearAre you sports enthusiast? Do you like to indulge in different sports activities? If you answered yes, you may have come across people talking about how uncomfortable they are wearing the underwear. Exercising increases your body temperature, which makes you sweat and if you are wearing layers of clothing the dampness remains within the underwear. It makes it difficult for a person to enjoy the exercising time, therefore it is always advised that you must choose the underwear carefully.

So, if you want to enjoy that adventure activity with your friends what kind of underwear should you choose? The answer is, choose moisture wicking undies. UFM underwear is made up of moisture wicking and breathable fabric which keeps the wearer comfortable all day long.

What are Moisture Wicking Undergarments?

Wicking underwear is known to remove the moisture from the skin. When you exercise and wear an underwear made up of non-wicking fabric, the perspiration stays there which in certain cases can also prove to be hazardous.

Moisture wicking undergarments:

  • Dries faster than cotton undies

  • Transports sweat away from the body

  • Retains its shape even after it has been worn for a number of times

Sweat during playing

UFM moisture wicking underwear is worn to keep the balls dry and to provide extra support for them. They are a comfortable alternative to the Jockstrap and is also recommended by the doctors. UFM underwear is also known for their ability to isolate the genitalia from the rest of the body thus further preventing chafing.

The moisture wicking UFM underwear comes in two different varieties:

The Fabric Used

  • Synthetic Fabric

The synthetic fabric used to design wicking underwear includes spandex and polyester. These fabrics are light in weight and tend to dry quickly. They do not wear out, nor do they shrink. Some synthetic wicking underwear is made up of natural silver salt that keep the undies odor free.

  • Natural Fabric

Wool and silk comes under the category of natural wicking fabric. These materials can easily absorb the moisture to keep the wearer dry even in extreme conditions. Moreover, natural fabric is preferred by sportsmen who have to play in cold and humid conditions for a long time.

Let's Do The Comparison

Now let make a comparison between underwear made up of different materials.

Cotton Underwear

Underwear made up of cotton, a light and breathable fabric, is preferred by people indulging in light activities. However if you are someone who likes to work out till you sweat, this fabric is not recommended to you as the cotton will easily absorb sweat and become heavy further irritating the skin in the sensitive area.

Wicking Underwear

UFM wicking underwear is made up of spandex. These have been specially designed to move perspiration away from your balls. So while working out for a long duration, a wicking underwear  will make sure that no moisture is present down there to irritate you.


Nylon underwear was designed as a cheap alternative to silk underwear. They are popular because of different properties such as increased elasticity, durability, and resilience. It is often woven into other fabrics to increase its elasticity.

Active Sports Terrific for All Sporting Activities

In addition to people wearing moisture wicking underwear for a heavy workout, they are also preferred by those who sweat a lot. UFM underwear comes with US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable support system which makes it easy for the wearer to have that extra support whenever required. UFM underwear is also great for professionals whose job requires a lot of walking.

So, if you are looking forward to buy a pair of comfortable underwear, choose UFM underwear. It can be easily purchased from UFM underwear online store and is also available at Amazon.