Underwear For Men - The Best Jockstrap Alternative

Underwear For Men - The Best Jockstrap Alternative

Since 1874, men have purchased jockstraps to provide their manhood with support. For more than 100 years, there wasn’t much innovation in the world of jockstraps. Until Underwear For Men came along and created our patented drawstring support pouch. 

What is a Jockstrap and How Does It Help?

Jockstraps are often used in the medical and athletic sectors, mainly to help support the scrotum. They are designed to be worn around your waist and hold the scrotum in place, keeping it safe and secure throughout the day. But jockstraps are often bulky, restricting, and uncomfortable.  

Let's take a look at what kind of benefits we can get from a jockstrap.

Jockstraps Help Battle Body Heat

Since jockstraps are designed to keep you out from between your legs, they help eliminate the added body heat that can occur when your body parts are right up against one another. The design is also fairly minimal, offering only a pouch and straps to go around your legs and waist. This allows for more body heat to escape and a nice breeze to come through when possible.

The hotter you get, the more uncomfortable you will be, so anything you can do to decrease the heat in your groin area (which is already one of the hottest parts of your body) is a great benefit. Especially if you are doing things outdoors where the temperatures can get very high.  

Isolate Your Manhood

Standard underwear falls well short of expectations when men are looking for true isolation. They tend to just smash everything between your legs or against your thigh. Which is why they have turned to jockstraps for years. The jockstrap holds your manhood against the pelvis area, keeping it up and out of harm's way. But this is usually accomplished by using compression which is not always the most comfortable form of isolation and support. While this does the job well enough for most, every man is different and has different ideas on being comfortable. 

Real Support 

Getting the right support is critical whether you are working out,  recovering from a surgery, or just going about your daily life.

During recovery having a good support system in your underwear allows the underwear to do the work for you, while your body recovers. This means a faster recovery time so you can get back to normal sooner. 

When you are working out the last thing you want to be worrying about is your package moving around everywhere. Have you ever dealt with smashing a testicle or getting your scrotum caught in between your legs when you do a weird movement? It's not a fun situation to be in, especially if you are holding weights.

Even in your everyday life the right support can be a huge help. Making adjustments is something that every guy has to deal with on a daily basis, but not anymore! The right support means that you stay in place all day long, so you don't have to adjust yourself. No more embarrassing moments.

Are Jockstraps Comfortable? 

Jockstraps were designed for function, not comfort. They combine more unique designs, wrapping around your legs and waist, with a compressed pouch used to press yourself into your pelvis area. A combination of compression and support works well when it comes to keeping you in place. But they often feel restricting  since your package is compressed so much and the legs straps can be uncomfortable since they have to be fairly tight in order to stay in place. 

David P. says, “I really like my UFM boxer briefs. I wear them almost every day because of the look and feel. I like not having to adjust myself all the time. I especially like the 9" leg in the gym or bicycling. No need for that pesky jockstrap. Keep bringing out more colors. Your products are AWESOME.”  

UFM - The Jockstrap Alternative

Underwear For Men is the perfect alternative to a jockstrap. It provides you with the support you need and the comfort you deserve. 


Built In Jockstrap

UFM offers a patented drawstring adjustable support pouch that both lifts and isolates your manhood. The drawstring goes down in the front of your UFM  forming the pouch, you situate yourself within the boundaries of the drawstring  and then pull as much or as little as needed. This pulls the pouch up and forms it around you, supporting you as needed. This pouch will lift you up and forward, helping to keep you out from between your legs and holding you in the exact place you want it to. You can pull the drawstring a lot for a "high and tight" feel or give it a lesser pull for the "low and slow" feel. 

A Comfortable Jockstrap

UFM is setting itself apart from the competitors with our adjustable support pouch. That helps offer the functionality that men need. But functionality is just part of the equation. Being comfortable is possibly even more important than function. Many men would rather wear less functional underwear if it means they are going to feel more comfortable.

UFM fits and feels just like regular underwear.  While UFM may appear regular in this regard, that's the idea. Combining the comfort of regular underwear with the supportive functionality of a jockstrap. 

Adjustable Pouch + Comfortable Design = The Best Jockstrap Alternative 

About Underwear For Men

UFM was originally designed as athletic underwear which makes it the perfect alternative to a jockstrap for all of your workouts. The idea caught on quick and we soon found out that UFM could help in other market sectors like work, everyday, and medical. 

We offer UFM in sizes from XS (24-26) to 5X (56-58) and a variety of colors ranging from your basic Black to a more flashy Red.  We offer a variety of styles; Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" Boxer Briefs, and 9" Boxer Briefs. As well as two high quality  material options, Polyester and Bamboo.  So every man can is sure to find a style and material that will help them to be comfortable.

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