UFM - Mens Pouch Underwear Designed For Men, By Men

UFM - Mens Pouch Underwear Designed For Men, By Men

Are you serving in the military or have you taken up a delivery profession? Do you have to stay out in hot and humid weather for long? If so, you must have experienced chafing, bouncing, sweating in the groin and funky smell. Looking for an alternative to deal with all these problems? Well, here's a solution. Underwear For Men or UFM has been exclusively designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

supportive underwear for men red adjustable pouch

UMFs come with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending drawstring adjustable support system that provides real-time support to the wearer. It is made up of moisture wicking fabric and quickly wicks away the perspiration leaving the wearer dry and comfortable. UFM comes in two different options:


Boxer briefs

UFM Briefs

UFM briefs are a type of short and tight pouch underwear that does not extend till the thighs. Briefs often lack isolation and support, but this is not the case with UFM briefs. UMF briefs are the only underwear that comes with real support. The adjustable pouch makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the drawstring, according to his comfort level. Moreover, the drawstring conduit adjustability system is hidden from the outside and cannot be felt from the inside as well.

UFM briefs are seen as a great alternative to jockstraps as they provide the required support to your package and buttocks as well. Earlier sportsmen used to wear a jockstrap when indulging in a strenuous exercise as the briefs normally do not provide a high level of support, but now they are preferring UMF boxers over a jockstrap.

UFM Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs or boxer shorts, as they are alternatively called, are a hybrid of boxers and briefs. They are long like boxers but are tight fitted like briefs. Designed with moisture wicking fabric, UMF boxer briefs are neither too restrictive nor too loose. Previously they were used by athletes buy nowadays they are more common as everyday wear.

UMF boxer briefs provide form-fitting coverage from the mid-waist till the thighs. The adjustable pouch makes it easy to position the testicles and give them an extra space to breath. The waistband is made up of elastic and has the company's logo on it. While you are selecting a boxer brief, make sure you choose a size depending on your actual waist size and if are on the borderline, choose a size bigger than your actual size.

Come alive with pop colors as UFM boxer briefs are available in 3 colors:




More About The Adjustable Pouch

Now that you know that UFM underwear comes with an adjustable pouch, let's now explain the real benefits of the pouch. It is not a pre-sized pouch as it can be easily created by pulling in the drawstrings. The adjustable pouch is created and controlled by the wearer and it helps to isolate your junk from the body. This feature decreases the chances of chafing, discomfort and irritability.

If you are the classic brief guy or want to experiment with boxer briefs, make sure you visit the UFM online store. Here you can easily get your hands on the best looking pair of boxer briefs that will isolate your nuggets and keep you supported. Wear UFM boxer briefs as lounge wear, sportswear or as an everyday wear.

So what are you waiting for? Customers that try them, Love them. Try one today and feel comfortable whole day long. UFM boxer briefs or briefs can be bought at a special price of $19.95 and $14.95 a pair respectively. So buy a pair today and feel the difference.

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