UFM Mens Underwear Presents: 14 Things a True Gentleman Does

UFM Mens Underwear Presents: 14 Things a True Gentleman Does

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At Underwear For Men, we're all about celebrating Manhood Moments. These are the moments in life a man participates in without even thinking. From the moment you step inside a pair of UFM men's underwear to the minute you realize you're wearing them everyday, UFM is right there with you, experiencing every good, bad and ugly moment in between. There is just something different about a man that thinks about himself and a man that acts like a gentleman. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead. Underwear For Men is a men's underwear brand that has put effort behind helping men become better men. Learn more about UFM men's underwear and what takes to be a true gentleman.

UFM Men's Underwear Presents: 14 Things a True Gentleman Does

Being a gentleman is rooted in your behaviors, some come natural, while others need constant work. But what actions truly make a gentleman different? It is the small actions in life that combine to create a thoughtful, considerate, and kind man. To act like a  modern gentleman, you should:

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Show Up On Time. 

From dates with your girlfriend to business meetings, show up on time. Arriving at the promised time tells the person you're meeting that you care about them and respect their time. Don't leave others waiting unless there is an emergency situation or extenuating circumstance that forces you to be late.

Walk Closest to The Curb.

When you walk with a woman, take the position closest to the curb. It shows you put her needs ahead of yours, because you are placing yourself in the 'line of fire' if any objects fly up from the street. This simple courtesy does not go unnoticed.

Give Up Your Seat.

A true gentleman offers his seat to a woman in every situation. If a woman does not have a seat on the subway (especially a pregnant woman),  stand up and give her your seat. Sometimes this means physically standing up to prove your commitment. Remember not to be too pushy because some women may prefer to stand. Always offer to give up your seat in settings like business meetings, waiting rooms, and parties.

Take Mental Notes. 

Pay attention to what your partner likes and appreciates to show you are better than the average guy. Do things like notice shoe size, remember favorite flowers, and even take note of favorite color to show you care. A simple reference to past conversations shows you actually listen.

Be a Man of Action.

A gentleman wants to be the person loved ones call if they are in need of assistance. Robert Heinlein, a famous science fiction writer, once said, “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders…cook a tasty mean, fight efficiently, die gallantly.” In short, be the kind of man people look to when they are experiencing an emergency.

Offer Your Jacket. 

This is a classic that definitely goes a long way. If the person you're with looks remotely cold, simply take off your jacket and then offer it. The act of removing the jacket shows your intention. If you ask before you take off your jacket, your attempts may come across as half-hearted or insincere.

Show Respect to All People.

No matter the encounter, a true gentleman respects all people whether it is his superior at work or the waitress serving him a meal. Simply put, a gentleman treats others the way he wants to be treated. If he has a bad experience, he doesn’t demand or yell, he solves the issue calmly and effectively.

Have Good Table Manners. 

Good table manners should always be practiced. It shows you were raised well, that you care about how you present yourself, and indicates you know how to act in a variety of social situations.

Plan Ahead.

A man creates a clear plan. This is as simple as planning a date before asking someone out or as complex as looking for a big career move. Make a plan that shows you are interested and committed. It is common for a guy to find himself going with the flow rather than taking the lead in relationships, work life, and social life.

Make Sure a Woman Gets Safely to Her Door.

Wether you are on a date with a woman or just hanging out with a group of friends, a true gentleman escorts a woman to her door, with or without romantic being involved. It is unfortunate yet true...a woman is at greater risk when walking alone at night. Be the kind of man that helps a female friend make it home safely.

Don't Hit Women.

This is simple. Don’t do it, ever.

Protect The Defenseless. 

At his core, a gentleman should be on alert to protect those in need. If a woman or child is in need, a true gentleman steps in, even at his own experience. Protecting the defenseless relates to your integrity – and a gentleman always shows integrity.

Know How to Dress.

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No matter the situation, a gentleman knows the appropriate way to dress for any situation. From going to meet your partner’s family to attending a formal event, a true gentleman prepares to look good wherever he goes. People judge you on the way you dress and looking the part gets you off on the right foot. A gentleman’s style should match his ambition.

Talk About Men's Health Issues With Other Men.

We are well into the year 2016 and talking about men's health issues is no longer taboo. A gentleman knows there is a time and place to talk about his health, but when the time is right he does share his experiences with others. Underwear For Men, a men's underwear brand, is committed to raising awareness about manliness and men's health issues. Awareness starts with you.

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