UFM Briefs Presents: Prostate Cancer Support Groups

UFM Briefs Presents: Prostate Cancer Support Groups


Are you a guy suffering from prostate cancer? Underwear For Men briefs is proud to present this list of support groups for prostate cancer sufferers. No matter how much your loved ones work to understand your situation, they may not be able to fully understand your internal struggles. Reaching out to a group for support in beating this disease shows strength and commitment. You are not alone in your struggle. Even if you think you aren't the type of guy that looks for help, there is a great deal of benefit in knowing there are people out there going through this disease with you. No matter your preferred form of communication, there is a prostate cancer support group to keep you inspired.

Email Discussion Lists

For guys that prefer email as a form of communication, there is the Prostate Pointers discussion list. This organization monitors a series of email discussions you can join. The groups include those run by discussions to options for the newly diagnosed. In the case of guys that are just dipping their feet into the support system, email is a great form of communication. You have the option of reading relevant topics and feel no pressure to respond until you are comfortable. Join to reap the benefit of feeling connected without a  huge time commitment. For guys still processing the prostate cancer diagnosis, an email discussion list may be the right solution.

In Person Support Groups

Us TOO International runs a number of support groups for prostate cancer sufferers. They operate groups across the country. If there is not a group in your area -- start one! Because prostate cancer occurs in such a high incidence, there is simply no way you are alone in your struggle. For people actively involved in their church or local community, there may be a support group near you in one of these community organizations.

An Online Community


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 International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network is happy to provide a number of online support group as well. For many people, getting out of the house for a support group is not easy or there is not a group nearby his home. For others, an online solution is simply a more convenient option. Do something positive for yourself by signing up for an online community. This is a low commitment option which allows you the chance to speak freely.

One-on-One Support

Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology, men with prostate cancer are able to connect with others in a number of ways. Imerman Angels is a support agency that people diagnosed with cancer with a person that has survived this exact diagnosis. As a result of this connection, working directly with a person able to survive your condition inspires hope and encourages you to think positively. As a prostate cancer sufferer, you may speak directly with someone that has survived. The Cancer Hope Network also offers a similar program where you are matched with another person.

Social Networks

Treatment Diaries is a free and easy platform that connects you with other cancer sufferers and their caregivers. This social media network is for people with all types of conditions, diseases, and chronic illnesses. People share personal stories about their lives online in their online diaries. Your identity is private so you are able to learn from others and share your personal experiences through your online diaries. Living with an illness like prostate cancer does not mean you need to be alone. In fact, finding others with similar conditions can improve your mental health. Social networks like Treatment Diaries allow you to connect and commit whatever amount of time you wish to your new network of friends.

Support For Caregivers

If you are the loved one of a man with prostate cancer, you are also going through your own series of struggles with this diagnosis. The team at Underwear For Men understands that, just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to fight a disease. It is easy to wear down yourself while taking care of your loved one. A support group in person or online for caregivers allows you to freely express your concerns or struggles. In a group, you feel no guilt of making your loved one feel like a burden. One of the best online discussions is available from Prostate Pointers. The Circle is a mailing list and website specifically for caregivers and loved ones suffering from prostate cancer.

Information and Support

You Are Not Alone Now is a support network which provides information about prostate cancer from reliable sources. In addition, they monitor a discussion forum, survivor stories, guides for caretakers, and even funny stories. YANA starts with the 'Don't Panic' button when you go to the site and you simply click it to learn more about your prostate cancer diagnosis. YANA is an inspiring resource but remember it is easy to get overwhelmed with information. There is a unique balance between educating yourself and scaring yourself. We recommend having a loved one, like a friend or family member, look up the facts on your behalf or be there with you while you do it.

About Underwear For Men

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Underwear For Men started as a Kickstarter campaign. Our successful beginning transformed into a brand able to offer briefs and boxer briefs for men with prostate cancer. We are pleased to also provide men's underwear to guys for work, sport, everyday and other types of medical use. Guys with prostate cancer wear Underwear For Men because of our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. You simply tie the drawstring to suit your preference to get all day support. If you temporarily need to secure padding in your underwear, our briefs are right for you. Once tied, the pouch keeps padding in place and helps you remain comfortable. Don't worry about leaks or accidents with your UFMs on. See for yourself why urologists recommend our briefs to their patients. Try a pair today!

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