UFM Boxer Briefs: Back to School Style Advice - College Edition

UFM Boxer Briefs: Back to School Style Advice - College Edition

Whether you are embarking on your first year of college or you are finishing up your degree, now is the time to take charge and improve yourself. College is an important and memorable chapter of your life where you finally  make decisions for yourself and show the world what you are made of. If you thought you outgrew the ‘Back-to-School’ trend, think again! What you wear and the way you run your household will lead to personal and professional success this year. Make this a memorable year – with a switch to our men’s boxer briefs. Start your day, week, month, and year off on the right foot with Back to School Style advice from Underwear For Men.

Tip #1: Change Up Your Boxer Briefs

College is a unique time for you because it is the first time you are in charge of your own ‘household’. From selecting your brand of laundry detergent to replacing your underwear, the purchasing power is in your hands once you move out of the house. Underwear For Men encourages you to try a new style of boxer briefs that are stylish, comfortable and extra cooling. We have many happy customers that wish our product was available when they were younger! What worked for you when you were younger simply won't make the cut any longer – now that you are older and more mature. Once you switch to UFM, you’ll never need another brand again. Our product uses a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch to isolate your manhood, keeping it from sticking to your thighs. Simply tie the drawstring to your preference for all day support. Just like a woman needs a bra to keep everything in place, a man needs support for his manhood. By supporting yourself now, you prevent future men’s health issues later – like senior sag.

Tip #2: Be Aware: What You Wear Says a Lot About You

All too often, young men go away to college and do not pay attention to what their attire says about them. Wearing appropriate clothing to class, dressing as you should for job interviews, and getting ready for dates all involve clothing choices. According to a conducted by Columbia University in 2015, more formal clothing is associated with feeling more powerful. Formal clothing has the potential to change the way you perceive the world. Starting with your underwear, all the way to your outerwear, be sure to portray the right image with what you wear.

boxer briefs underwear for college guys

Dressing up for an occasion might just give you the confidence you need to get that first kiss or ace your interview. Whether you are sporting workout clothes for rec soccer or a button down for fraternity rush week, your underwear will also boost confidence. Try out a pair of our boxer briefs and see just how supported you feel – no matter what activity you are participating in. You won’t find yourself adjusting or worrying about sweating while you try to make a good impression. Our boxer briefs support your manhood so you can focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

Tip #3: Save Time and Stay Comfortable All Day

Our brand is perfect for a college guy because you don’t have to change into compression shorts for working out. The pair you put on at the beginning of the day works with you as you walk to class, sit in class, go to work, hang with your friends, and even hit the gym. You don’t have to plan ahead and worry about changing your underwear if you are about to sweat or exercise. Our waistband is designed to stay put and the tapered leg of the boxer briefs doesn’t roll up if you are running or working out. Because Underwear For Men is made from a moisture-wicking material, you won’t leave your pickup game of basketball a sweaty, stinky mess. Joseph A., a college athlete says, “I ordered these to wear for an obstacle course race. The drawstring offers great support. I have always worn compression shorts/leggings, but as a college athlete I have always thought they didn't offer enough manly support. I wore these …[and] the material didn't hold water, reduced any chafing, and the drawstring kept everything in place. I cannot review this product high enough.”

Tip #4: Easy Wash and Dry

When you are in college, doing laundry falls on your shoulders. UFM makes it easy for you to wash and dry your underwear because they have no special care instructions. Wash and dry your boxer briefs with all of your regular clothes. They also line dry rapidly for times when you need a pair of clean underwear right away. A quick hand wash and line dry are all you need to stay supported and comfortable.

Tip #5: Longer Inseams for Athletic Guys

boxer briefs for athletic underwear for men

Designed with all men in mind, Underwear For Men is designed to fit all leg sizes. We realize men have varied builds and thighs of different sizes. If you are into weight lifting or you have larger thighs, our 9-inch boxer brief is perfect for you. The longer inseam does not roll up on your leg as you walk or workout. Don’t fight bunching or rolling when our boxer briefs actually fit men with larger thighs. More athletic customers prefer the 9-inch boxer brief because of the fit on the thigh.

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men started with an idea on Kickstarter and evolved into a brand with a cause. We encourage our customers to support their manhood by providing them with a superior product. Our patent pending adjustable pouch is perfect for everyday, work, medical, and athletic wear. Our boxer briefs are available with two inseam lengths – the 6-inch and the 9-inch. In addition, they are available in seven colors as well as big and tall sizes to suit every guy’s style. (One color for each day of the week!) Try a pair of our boxer briefs today to feel the difference.

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