UFM - The Best Pouch Underwear For Men

UFM - The Best Pouch Underwear For Men

Every man is different and so does his requirements differ. At UFM, the experts understand this thing and have thus specially designed underwear with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable support system to help the active man of today, get the required support. While a variety of companies designs pouch underwear, UFMs are different as it comes with an adjustable pouch. So you can easily adjust the support to suit your requirements.

UFM Pouch Underwear Described

Today, let's have a close look at the different features that separate UFM underwear from its competitors.


The underwear comes with basically one of the 3 types of waistband:

  • Sewn inside elastic waistband
  • Encased elastic waistband
  • Sewn on elastic waistband

Boxer Brief

UFM briefs and boxer briefs come with sewn on elastic waistband and the logo is present on the waistband. This is the most commonly seen style in men's underwear as it is comfortable against the body and do not leave any red mark. The waistband offers a secure and comfortable fit and does not loosen up even after washing the briefs regularly.


Recently a lot of things have changed in the men's underwear category. While previously not much importance was given to underwear, nowadays they are becoming quite picky about the subject. For increased comfort and to provide a snug fit, UFM underwear comes with a 6” inseam. This makes the wearer comfortable in the crotch area and he is not required to adjust the briefs at regular intervals. Wearing a comfortable underwear leaves a person's hand free to indulge in different activities.

Back Seam

Back seam is another important factor that men look for in underwear because if the seam is too short it will not offer a comfortable fit. Who would like to sit on the back seam whole day long? Therefore, UFM underwear comes without the back seam to give a better shape to the underwear.

Leg Openings

A person wearing a brief wants complete freedom and wish to wear an underwear that does not restrict his movement. Therefore, UFM experts have designed an underwear that is not required to be adjusted constantly. You know that an underwear is not working for you, when the leg openings are restricting your movement. The lightweight fabric of UFM underwear does not wear out or bunch up.

When we consider leg opening, men are always looking for a delicate balance. Too tight leg opening would mean that the person is required to adjust the briefs whole day long. In contrast, loose leg opening would mean that he would have less support. If you choose a cotton brief without any support around the legs, the underwear will be stretched at the end of the day.


UFM underwear have been specially designed with moisture wicking and breathable fabric that

UFM Briefs Inside View

keeps the wearer dry and cool. Briefs or boxer briefs need to be soft as it is the closest thing that a person wears. Therefore, while designing and choosing fabric for UFMs, great care was taken by the professionals. UFM underwear dries quickly and thus are preferred by people while indulging in athletic activities or for everyday use.

If you have felt it all- the heat, the sweating and the bouncing around, it is the right time to change your underwear. Choose Underwear For Men and see the difference for yourself. The adjustable pouch, keeps the package away from the body and thus avoid chafing. As a wearer, you get controlled support and comfortable fit. UFMs can also be worn after surgery as they provide the required fit and is also recommended by doctors. So choose the best pouch underwear in the market to increase your self-confidence and to keep yourself supported.

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