UFM - The Best Underwear For Hydroceles

UFM - The Best Underwear For Hydroceles

Doctors recommend Underwear For Men because of the lift, isolation, and support they offer. Helping people with hydroceles feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

What is a Hydrocele?

Hydroceles happen when fluid collects around one or both testicles. This swelling is unsightly and annoying, but it is innoxious and generally not dangerous. However, the enlarged scrotum can cause discomfort due to its size. 

Although, hydroceles are common in newborns, they can occur at any age in life. During the full growth of fetus, the testicles swoop from the abdomen to the scrotum. In normal conditions, the sac closes itself and the fluid is absorbed by the body. Hydroceles occur when this tube does not close and the fluid drains from the abdomen through the open tube and gets trapped in the scrotum, causing the scrotum to swell. Most hydroceles go away a few months after birth.

Hydroceles may also be caused by;

  • Build-up of the normal fluid around the testicle, this may occur because the body makes too much of the fluid or it does not drain well.
  • Inflammation or injury of the testicles.

Hydrocele Surgery - Symptoms & Treatment

The main symptoms are a painless, swollen testicle, which feels like a water balloon and it may occur in one or both the side of testicles. You may feel some amount of pain, inflammation, and heaviness as well as see it changing in size throughout the day. 

While hydroceles can often times be left untreated. There are a few different treatment options available should you want to get rid of your hydrocele. There are two methods of treatment; hydrocele-aspiration and hydroelectomy. In aspiration, a needle is used to drain the fluid. It is inserted into the scrotum and suction is used to pull the fluid out. This is not the most common procedure but is a good alternative if surgery is too risky. Hydroelectomy is the other option. This is a minor surgical procedure in which a small cut is made in the scrotum and the doctor removes the fluid and sac. This is an outpatient procedure and you can often go home the same day. 

Hydrocele Underwear 

After hydrocele surgery your doctor will ask you to buy some type of hydrocele support garment, usually some type of jockstrap, compression short, or underwear. The main goal for this is for the item to offer some type of scrotal support for your hydrocele. Scrotal support is of the utmost importance at this point in your recovery because it takes pressure off your body, allowing it to relax and heal faster. Even if you don't have surgery, getting the right kind of hydrocele underwear can help make your life more comfortable and keep your pain to a minimum. 

hydrocele underwear

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men introduced a patented drawstring support pouch design that was originally intended as an athletic underwear. But it quickly became apparent that they were a great help for many medical conditions, including hydroceles. The support pouch forms around you as you pull the drawstring, pulling you up and forward. Helping to keep you from between your legs and allowing the pouch to support your scrotum for you. This also offers every man a custom fit since you can tie the drawstring tight or loose depending on what you find comfortable. Offering sizes up to 5X and a variety of styles, Underwear For Men is sure to have something to help make your life more comfortable. 

Gary G says, "I had a hydrocelectomy and needed support while healing. I love your underwear, both polyester and viscose. In the future, I hope I can get more, as I want this underwear to be all I wears from now on."

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