Hydrocele happens when fluid collects around one or both testicles. It is not usually painful, but it may be uncomfortable because it makes the scrotum bigger. This swelling is unsightly and annoying, but it is in-noxious and generally is not dangerous. Although, hydrocele are common in new born, they can also occur at any age in later life. During the full growth of foetus, the testicles swoop from the abdomen to the scrotum. In normal conditions, the sac closes itself and the fluid is absorbed by the body, it can lead to the formation of hydrocele. Causes of Hydrocele During the baby's development in womb, the testicles swoop from the abdomen through tube into the scrotum. Hydrocele occurs when this tube does not close and the fluid drains from the abdomen through the open tube and gets trapped into the scrotum. This cause scrotum to swell. Most hydrocele go away a few month after the birth. Hydrocele may also be caused by;

Hydrocele problem diagram

  • Build-up of the normal fluid around the testicle, this may occur because the body makes too much of the fluid or it does not drain well.
  • Inflammation or injury of the testicles.

The Symptoms The main symptoms is a painless, swollen testicle, which feels like a water balloon and it may occur in one or both the side of testicles. Treatment Hydrocele are not harmful most of the time, they are treated only when they cause infection or discomfort. There are two methods of treatment hydrocele- aspiration and hydroelectomy. In aspiration,a needle is used to drain the fluid. It is not the most common treatment for hydrocele, but it may be performed when surgery is too risky. In some cases, medication is injected after the procedure to close the sac and help prevent hydrocele from recurring. Hydroelectomy is a minor surgical procedure in which the fluid and sac are removed and it is performed on an outpatient basis as the patient can go home on the same day.During this operation, a small cut is made in the scrotum and the doctor remove the fluid and then sac. After Surgery Whether you have undergone a surgery or the hydrocele is treated without a medical procedure, the prognosis is always better for the health. After having the surgery the pain will go in about 2 weeks and you can easily return to the normal condition. Try to avoid involving in different activities such as biking, straddling or any other exercise that could put pressure under the operated area. However, the stitches will dissolve on their own, but it is important that you visit doctor for a check up. Facile Support System Doctors usually advised to wear a jockstrap support underwear, because they are morecomfortable and keep the junk supported. If you are looking for superior support after the operation, choose UFM underwear. The light weighted fabric of UFM does not bunch up nor does it loose its shape even after wash. So, if you are looking for comfortable, supportive and snug fit underwear choose UFM. They are easily available at the UFM store online or you can buy them for Amazon.

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