Underwear For Men is proud to be an innovative underwear brand for guys that need support. We design briefs and boxer briefs for athletic use. Our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch isolates your manhood from your thigh without suffocating you like compression shorts. Upgrade your workout experience with our mens underwear. Our brand is designed with a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch unlike what you get with any other brand. Make the switch to UFM mens underwear to get the support you need for every workout.

What Makes UFM Mens Underwear Different?

The difference between Underwear For Men and other pouch underwear is the adjustable pouch. No other brand offers this comfortable, gentle hammock for your manhood. The two most popular options are the ‘high and tight’ and the ‘slow and low’ method. The ‘high and tight’ is a common choice for men participating in any type of sport or exercise. Simply tie the drawstring on the adjustable pouch to your desired position without any further need to correct it. This means as you transition during your workout, you won't need to adjust or feel uncomfortable. Focus on your exercise rather than your discomfor with your UFMs on. Kenneth A. says, “These are the best athletic briefs ever. I work in industry as a mechanic and wear name brand moisture wicking underwear every day. They are fine for everyday wear but was looking for something with more support for working out, riding a bike etc. TheseUFM briefs are the perfect cross between a jock and moisture wicking underwear and the support is adjustable. You can't do that with a traditional jock. I like to jump rope in between lifting weights and these have held everything right up front and center without the feeling of being crushed.”

Design Elements of Our Mens Underwear For Exercise

Do you swim, run, or bike? Are you a crossfit pro? Do you always switch fitness routines to stay interested? Our design team considers every factor when making our briefs and boxer briefs. The adjustable pouch provides unprecedented support and customization for your manhood. The tapered leg design stays in place even as you move. The pouch provides complete isolation so chafing is a problem of the past. Underwear For Men is available with a 6-inch or 9-inch inseam. The 9-inch inseam is popular among athletes with larger or more muscular legs. We size our underwear based on your waist size so you get a true fit. Simply check out our size chart and match your waist size to our UFM sizing. Our company also manufactures big and tall sizes for guys with a waist up to 58 inches. Join James A. and buy a pair of UFMs today. He says, “I've seen other brands of underwear marketing a pouch, but none that are adjustable. An adjustable pouch can accommodate various sizes of genitals, so you don't have to worry what size the manufacturer had in mind when they were designed. Adjustable pouch underwear can also be worn snug for those tight pants you have that show off your butt and your package for the ladies (or the guys if that's your thing), or loosened up for more comfort. I'm planning on buying the upgraded version of this underwear shortly!”

Benefits of Mens Underwear From UFM

Once you make the switch to UFM mens underwear for working out and sports, you immediately reap a number of benefits associated with wearing our brand. Briefs and boxer briefs from our company are all made from moisture-wicking material, designed with a tapered leg, and with a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. The most common benefits of our mens underwear are:

Complete Isolation of Your Manhood

Eliminating Chafing Fully

Wicking Sweat From Your Body To Keep You Cool

Decreasing The Amount of Odor You Have

No Riding Up or Down As You Bend

No Bunching or Rolling of the Leg Fabric

Get Relief From Medical Conditions

Men with medical conditions find relief with our mens underwear. If you suffer from a hernia, hydrocele, or even sagging, the right support allows you to get back to what you love. A lot of men give up their exercise routines because of medical conditions. Don’t be one of these people. Simply try a pair of UFMs to see for yourself. With over 1500 five-star reviews, our men’s underwear gets feedback from athletes of all types. Urologists recommend our products to their patients on a regular basis.

About Underwear For Menunderwear for men workout underwear

Our company started as a mens underwear company f or athletic uses. We started on Kickstarter and after a successful campaign, we were able to transform our idea into a brand. It didn’t take long before Underwear For Men got recognized by guys for work, medical, everyday, and athletic uses. Once you try UFMs for working out, give them a try for other uses. Underwear For Men is proud to be a choice for guys no matter their sport, career, or everyday activities.