UFM Hydrocele Underwear Helps Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

UFM Hydrocele Underwear Helps Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

Underwear For Men has designed hydrocele underwear that helps patients comply to their Urologists instructions to, "Get support underwear". Not only are they highly functional, but they make you both feel and look good again. 

Explaining Hydroceles

What is a Hydrocele?

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Pronounced ‘hydro-seal’, this is a condition where a sac filled with fluid forms on the testicle. Some hydroceles cause pain while others men just experience swelling in the scrotum with no pain associated. The swelling causes the testicles to feel heavy. In order to properly be diagnosed you must meet with your doctor. A simple physical examination reveals if you have a hydrocele. Experiencing pain in your testicles along with swelling may be a sign of testicular torsion. Get evaluation and treatment immediately if you are in pain. You may be at risk for a hydrocele if you:                          

  • Are Over 40 Years of Age                           
  • Have Experienced a Scrotal Injury                           
  • Have a Known Infection Like a Sexually Transmitted Infection             

Hydrocele Surgery

Not all men have to go through surgery to deal with their hydrocele. But if it is painful or often causes you discomfort then surgery may be your best option. This surgery is called hydrocelectomy. This is a fairly straightforward outpatient procedure. The doctor makes an incision on the scrotum or lower abdomen and removes the sac of fluid. Some doctors even do this when performing surgery for an inguinal hernia, so it is a fairly easy procedure you should feel comfortable with getting done. 

What To Expect After Surgery

After surgery, the pain will go away in about 2 weeks and you can easily return to normal activities. You should avoid indulging in activities such as riding a bike, heavy lifting, or any other strenuous exercise that could put pressure on the area that has been operated on. The stitches will dissolve on their own, but it is important to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor. 

Not Everyone Needs Surgery

Just because you have a hydrocele does not mean that you will need surgery. If the doctor does not see any swelling and you are not feeling any type of pain then he will most likely suggest that you get some type of hydrocele support garment to try and keep it from getting any worse. It is always best to avoid surgery if at all possible. Finding the right scrotal support for your hydrocele allows you to not only avoid surgery but feel completely normal. 


How UFM Hydrocele Underwear Can Help

Post-Surgery Recovery

If you are getting Hydrocele surgery then you know the doctor will be making an incision into you. This incision is going to require both gauze and padding to be held in place to make sure you recover correctly and do not get infected. Your entire scrotum will also be more sensitive as you recover. Underwear For Men helps hold the gauze and padding in place. You won't have to readjust anything or worry about things moving and causing the stitches to get irritated. Also, since your scrotum is supported by your UFM then it takes that pressure off your body, thus allowing it to heal faster. 

Arthur P. says, “Very comfortable and supportive but not bulky. A lifesaver until I can schedule my hydrocele surgery. I will be ordering 2 more pair today. I will be wearing them post-surgery also.”

Urologist recommended and patient approved.

How UFM Helps You Avoid Surgery

If you do not get the right scrotal support for your hydrocele it can lead to other issues such as increased sag and stress on your interior body parts. As these issues continue to develop you will eventually have to opt for getting surgery. But the right hydrocele underwear can help give your body the rest it deserves so you can avoid surgery for as long as possible while still being comfortable.

Underwear For Men offers a patented drawstring support pouch that offers lift, isolation, support, and comfort. You situate yourself in the pouch and then pull the drawstrings to form the pouch around you. This lifts you up and forward, keeping you out from between your legs while making sure you get the support you need. You can adjust the drawstring to be as tight or loose as you need, offering every man the custom fit he deserves. 

Greg A says, "If you are living with a hydrocele these shorts are a must have item. Being a country boy I was a bit uneasy about buying stylish underwear, [but] I wish I had found UFM years ago. The days of constant adjustment are over. Everything stays in place..".

Whether you are dealing with a hydrocele pre or post surgery, Underwear For Men is here to help support you along the way. Try a pair today!

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