Underwear For Men Solves The Stinky Underwear Situation

Underwear For Men Solves The Stinky Underwear Situation

Men get smelly, it's bound to happen. But with the right pair of mens odor control underwear you can fight back against The Stink.

Why Does My Crotch Smell Bad?

The groin area is one of the hottest places on the entire body. Usually, it is covered by multiple layers of clothes as well, which only increases the heat. This leads to increased perspiration which can also cause bacteria to starting to form much faster than other areas of the body. If the proper steps are not taken to care for your groin odor it can become one smelly problem.  

Smegma is another reason why your crotch might smell bad. Smegma is a substance combined of dead skin and oil. It is located on the genitalia and is not problematic unless left unattended. It is used as a natural lube that helps with both healthy sexual interactions and making sure there is not too much friction around the genitalia on a daily basis for things such as urinating. But if it is not cleaned properly it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and creates a horrific odor. 


How To Prevent A Smelly Groin

There are some very simple and easy things you can do to help combat a smelly groin. Lets look at some of the basics:

  • Shower Regularly  

This one might be a bit obvious. But showering regularly is one of the most important personal hygiene routines. Showers refresh your body and helps to clear off all the dead skin, residue, and bacteria that form on you throughout the day. Since bacteria forms faster in the groin area it is very important to soap and wash that area with particular attention. Making sure to cover the entire area with soap and rince it off thoroughly. It is also very important to dry this area fully because a wet groin can quickly lead to a smelly groin. 

  • Powder Your Genitalia

If you constantly deal with smell or know that you have a long day ahead of you then body powders can be of some help. These powders work to absorb moisture and keep you dry. They help to relieve itching of chaffing should you already be dealing with that and some of them even cool you down! While not a perfect solution, it definitely provides you with some relief.  

  • Shave Your Pubic Hair

If you have a lot of hair in your groin area that could be the cause of some of the smell. The more hair, the more likely you are to catching things like dead skin and sweat. It also leads to increased body heat since it is harder for body heat to escape through a forest of hair. This isn't saying you need to go completely bald down there, but trimming some of the extra can go a long way. 


Why Do My Boxers Smell?

Many people have been asking this same question for years. On top of all the hygiene reasons I mentioned above, your underwear can be causing some of your smelly groin problems. 

Standard underwear focuses on compression and design to make you comfortable. Along with materials that may not be the best when it comes to sweat wicking. Pushing your genitalia up against your thigh or in-between your legs is not what you want to do, yet that is what most standard underwear end up doing. 

This increases body heat because of the skin on skin contact which can also lead to chaffing and rashes. Think of it as one giant area of sweat, skin, heat, and material all mashed together. Sounds uncomfortable doesn't it?  

No More Smelly Underwear With Underwear For Men!

Underwear For Men only uses high quality materials (Polyester and Bamboo) that are both sweat wicking and function much better than your standard cotton (which doesn't wick sweat at all).

But what truly sets us apart is our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch.You situate your genitalia within the boundaries of the drawstring and then pull the cords, lifting you up and forward. This keeps you secured right where you should be if sag, age, and gravity weren't playing their part.

It also helps to keep you off your thighs and out from between your legs. Allowing your body heat to escape while also lessening the chance of irritation. 

Todd W says, "Great underwear. No more playing hacky sac with my balls. The drawstring pouch keeps the boys supported in comfort. Highly recommend them to any guy."

Underwear For Men is the total package. Try A Pair Today!

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