The Difference is in The Pouch

The Difference is in The Pouch

More and more men are making the logical switch to pouch underwear. Underwear For Men makes a unique pouch underwear option that is unlike what any other brand on the market is able to promise. Our unique design created the right balance between style and function. So how is our underwear different than the competition? Underwear For Men's US patented and Intl patents pending design includes an adjustable pouch. With the simple tie of a drawstring, you a custom fit pouch to suit your unique size. We don't ascribe to the one-size-fits-all solution for our pouch underwear.

So, how do UFMs features compare to the competition?

Features of Traditional Pouch Underwear

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Pouch underwear is any type of men's underwear which includes a front pouch. This pouch is meant to serve as a place for your manhood to rest. With the majority of men's pouch underwear, the pouch is just a feature with a minimally functional purpose. The features you get when you buy generic men's underwear are:

  • Improving your profile view. You will reap the vanity benefits of looking good in your pouch underwear.
  • For men that are generally average in size, the size of the pouch should fit you. The way a pouch is cut may give you a hanging free feeling which feels comfortable and potentially keeps you cool.
  • Some pouch underwear is made to keep you cool or reduce sweating. When made from a moisture wicking material, your underwear should keep you comfortable during workouts. All too often, a pouch underwear that promises to keep you cool doesn't have the function you need.
  • Various seams for levels of support. Most pouch underwear relies on seams and material choice. If you've tried other pouches, you might see seams in different locations which are meant to life and define.

Features of Underwear For Men Pouch Underwear

UFM Underwear is not your standard pouch underwear. The inside of the underwear doesn't have any additional fabric. Our underwear designers created the adjustable pouch. Simply tie the drawstring and

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you'll get the comfort and support you want. Wear UFMs for work - there is not a separate pouch and the inside of the underwear does not have any additional fabric.

  • The drawstring follows the natural hemline of the underwear, so when you tie the strings, an effect similar to the pouch is created. We know men come in different shapes and sizes so we invented underwear to suit all men.
  • UFM is not a one size fits all pouch underwear solution. We not only give you a pouch that is easily adjustable, we also size our underwear according a man's waist measurement. Most brands follow the standard small, medium, or large without consideration to a man's body. If you buy your UFMs according to your waist measurement, your underwear won't ride up or down as you bend or move.
  • UFM underwear allows you to adjust the support as you see fit. In fact, our underwear is easy to wear for work, sport, medical, or everyday use. You don't need to change your underwear for different activities, simply retie your drawstrings for more support.

About Underwear For Men

Our company is proud to be an innovative men's underwear company that has changed the pouch underwear market. UFM added the adjustable pouch to all of our products so every man is better suited for all men. The company started with a successful Kickstarter campaign and took off from there. Now with over 2000 five-star reviews, we are an established brand. Try our briefs, 6 inch boxer briefs, or 9 inch boxer briefs to experience the adjustable pouch for yourself. Buy UFM Briefs Buy UFM Boxer Briefs

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