Support Pouch Underwear Review: Under Armour Boxerjock

Support Pouch Underwear Review: Under Armour Boxerjock

Are you an Under Armour wearer? If you've been wearing this brand for a considerable amount of time, what makes you like the brand you wear? The Under Armour Boxerjock with the 6-inch inseam has a number of advantageous features that attract a man's allegiance. This brand of men's underwear is is one of the best selling in the world. Underwear For Men encourages you to reassess your underwear choices and make an informed decision about the pouch underwear you wear. Our men's boxer briefs with an adjustable pouch are a drastic improvement on the one-size-fits-all style you get from Under Armour. Try a pair of UFMs for yourself to see just how different adjustable pouch underwear feels on your manhood.

About The Under Armour Boxerjock

The Under Armour Boxer Jock 6" is one of the more popular choices for athletic underwear. The problem with the boxerjock, or any other type of athletic underwear, is that the best feature about the underwear is the fit. The fabric helps to create a "true to size" feeling by using materials that create a tight fit to accentuate your manhood. Like with any underwear, after you wear it for a while, the underwear starts to get loose and the support disappears. (All too often men accept this as an inevitable feature of all men's underwear brands). Other features of the boxerjock from Under Armour include a fitted feel without squeezing your manhood, a performance waistband, moisture-wicking fabric to keep a man cool and dry, and a working fly. Underwear For Men's 6-inch boxer brief provides you with all of these features and more.

Adjustable Pouch Underwear From UFM

UFM Underwear solves a number of issues men face and improves upon the Under Armour brand. While Under Armour says their brand has a fit 'next-to-skin without the squeeze'. Underwear For Men provides you with a fit that actually isolates your manhood and provides a gentle hammock to support your body. The adjustable pouch with the convenient drawstring actually prevents skin on skin contact for a man. This makes the product anti-chafe without leaving you feeling constricted in any way. Just like Under Armour, UFM boxer briefs can be worn for work, sport, everyday, and medical uses.

Benefits of the Adjustable Pouch

Simply tighten or loosen the string depending on your preferences and you're good to go! There is no need to adjust throughout the day. In combination with the flexible mesh pouch, the moisture wicking fabric, and the working fly, your pouch underwear is better because it is adjustable. There are many benefits that come along with using this defining feature, including:

  1. The underwear will never stretch out and the genital region will have constant support.
  2. Isolation prevents common issues such as chafing and sweating.
  3. You can't stop gravity, but you can control it. The support feature allows for proper placement.

"Once you wear a pair of UFM Underwear, all other underwear feels uncomfortable."

- Satisfied UFM Customer

About Underwear For Men

Underwear For Men started as a Kickstarter campaign focused on athletic wear. It didn't take long for us to realize men preferred to wear UFMs for everyday and all activities. We quickly realized there was a significant gap in the market for men's underwear. Our adjustable pouch underwear changed the game for men looking for everyday, sport, medical, and work wear. We sell boxer briefs with a 6-inch inseam as well as boxer briefs with a 9-inch inseam.

If you want a pair of boxer briefs designed to suit a man's body, look no further than our men's underwear. We sell our 6-inch boxer briefs in seven colors including camouflage, red, white, black, royal blue, turquoise, and gray.

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