Discover Something New This Summer

Make the most of your summer by taking time for doing new things by yourself, with friends, and with family. Many trends in water sports are gaining popularity among swimmers, surfers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts. You don’t have to be an expert swimmer to try out a new activity on the water. It’s never been easier to sample new activities, find the right equipment, and take lessons from a professional. Every water sports activity requires the right underwear. Some swim trunks come with a mesh netting to help support your manhood. The truth is most nets cause chafing. UFM Underwear is proud to offer men’s quick dry underwear for guys that like to go in and out of the water. Our adjustable pouch underwear keeps your manhood fully isolated, and stops chafing completely. They truly feel like you have nothing on. The discomfort often associated with physical activity gets completely eliminated with UFM underwear. So pull on your UFM quick dry underwear, slip on your swim trunks without a net, and get ready to have some fun! Joseph A. says, “The material didn't hold water, reduced any chafing, and the drawstring kept everything in place. I can not review this product high enough.”


Stand-Up Paddle Boardingquick dry underwear for stand up paddleboarding

What seemed like a craze at first has now turned into an official sport. Stand-up paddle boarding is easy, you just stand on the board, use a paddle to direct yourself, and move throughout the water. Also called SUP, this trend is perfect for people all over the country because you don’t need a large body of water to enjoy this sport. SUP tests your sense of balance, develops your core strength, and can be more or less intense depending on the water you are in, how fast you paddle, and if you are fighting a current. Many families make SUP a family activity. Equipment: You can rent or buy a stand-up board with a paddle. Other than that, you need swim trunks and UFM’s quick dry underwear to keep you supported and chafe free.  

Kayaking and Canoeing

A classic for a reason, kayaking and canoeing are always in style. Kayaks outnumber canoes in popularity but the two are essentially the same except for your sitting position and the number of blades on your paddle. Whether you are on a lake, river, or on the ocean, this water sport leaves your upper body in shape. It is a great activity for families and friend groups to enjoy together. Although you don’t always go in the water while kayaking (this is on purpose), there is still a chance you will get wet and/or sweat, so there is a need for quick dry underwear. Equipment: You need a kayak or canoe, paddles, a life jacket, swim trunks, and UFM men’s underwear. Stick to UFM’s quick dry underwear under your swim trunks to get the most of your canoeing or kayaking experience.  


If you are confident in the water and want to take on your next challenge, spend some time learning how to kite surf. Many areas of the country have instructors that can teach you how to kite surf and allow rentals of their items. This sport is addictive and becomes a favorite for many men. When you have strong winds propelling you forward, kitesurfing glides you across the water and feels like flying. Equipment: For beginners, you should stick to a rental for kitesurfing. If you start to love it, then you can buy your own. Don’t forget your UFM quick dry underwear. Dave says, “These are truly comfortable underwear. They fit true to size. The pouches not too big or too small just right. They were quite moisture keep you dry and comfortable all day long. I highly recommend this product.”


Underwater Scooters

quick dry underwear for underwater scooterYou have to live in the right location for this, but if you ever get a chance to use an underwater scooter, don’t miss your opportunity. This amazing underwater experience uses a small propeller to move you forward while underwater. Basically, you use the same equipment as what you use while snorkeling so you can see fish and wildlife while underwater. The only difference is, you don’t have to propel yourself forward, your underwater scooter does the work on your behalf. You can effectively go snorkeling but without having to propel yourself forward. This is a popular activity for many people on vacation. If you are going on vacation, see if this is an option. You’ll see the beauty of the ocean you often miss if you are just swimming on the surface. Equipment: Since this is a tourist activity, you will likely pay a rental fee with a scooter that propels you forward, a snorkeling mask, flippers, and a quick lesson to learn about the equipment. These lessons are always bring-your-own-swim-trunks and underwear. As always, we recommend UFM quick drying underwear.  

About UFM Quick Dry Underwear

ufm underwear best mens boxer briefsEnjoy all of the trends in water sports with UFM Underwear under your swim trunks. Our product was designed to support your manhood, with its US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. You simply tie the drawstring to your comfort level to achieve a customized fit to match your size. Our quick drying underwear gently supports you with all activities, including those in the water. UFM Underwear is manufactured from a moisture wicking material that eliminates odors, discomfort, and wetness from sweat or water.You can purchase briefs or boxer briefs. Unlike cotton, UFMs dry quickly and never lose support with washing and drying. Make the switch today and you’ll never go back!