Stay Cool And Comfortable With UFM Fast Drying Underwear

Stay Cool And Comfortable With UFM Fast Drying Underwear

Quick dry underwear will help you stay comfortable whether you are in the water or bathing in the sun. It will dry quickly and help you avoid chaffing. 

What Makes Them Fast Drying? 

It's all in the material! Quick dry underwear is usually made by using a synthetic material as those do not hold onto water as easily as more natural fibers like cotton. Natural fibers tend to absorb more moisture (like they would in their natural state) and hold onto it until it can be dried by an external source like a dryer or the sun. That is why companies usually opt for polyester when they are trying to make a product that is quick drying. Polyester is fast drying because it is a synthetic blend it is both "water loving" and "water hating". The fibers up against your skin absorb moisture off of you. Then the moisture goes through to the top layer of fibers so that it can be dried. This is unlike natural fibers where the entire fiber thread absorbs the moisture, making it much more difficult to dry. 

Benefits Of Quick Dry Underwear


Synthetic materials have many advantages to them. They are often the preferred options for running, workouts, swimming, or any other intense physical activity. Their benefits include:

  • Reduce Chaffing
  • Durable & Strong
  • Compressed Fit
  • Fast Drying
  • Lightweight

Having an underwear that both dries quickly and offers a compressed fit helps when it comes to the issue of chaffing. Wet material moving around your body is one of the main causes of chaffing. So as long as the material stays dry that can help. But if it is still moving around on your body there is a chance you will get irritated. A more compressed fit keeps the material tight against you and makes sure it moves with you, not around you. 

Quick Dry Underwear For Swimming

There is no way around it, when you are in the water, you are going to be soaking wet. But that's the whole point! However, once you're out of the water one of the first things you usually do is dry off. Having a good pair of quick drying underwear helps you get comfortable quicker. The instant you get out of the water your quick dry underwear will immediately begin to work pulling moisture off of you. Usually you only need a quick wipe down with a towel to get the access water off you and then you'll be dry before you know it. Since the moisture is pushed to the top layer of your underwear it allows the towel to accomplish its task much easier. 

The added compression and tight fit also helps you while you are swimming. It reduces the drag since the clothing fits snuggly against your body. So you can do your leg kicks without any of the material getting wadded up and in the way. 


UFM: The Best Quick Dry Underwear

Underwear For Men offers a polyester material that offers all of the benefits mentioned above. Not only do we use high quality materials but our patented drawstring adjustable support pouch is a game changer. It works but lifting you slightly forward and up. Keeping you safe and secure in one place all day long. 

This also helps you to dry quickly because it separates the different parts of your body and allows the material to cover more surface area. This same reason also helps to reduce chaffing because there is less skin-on-skin contact, along with your package being kept out from between your legs. 

The combination of high quality materials and a patented drawstring support pouch make this an underwear you won't want to miss out on. Try A Pair Today!


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