Underwear For Men Helps You Prepare for Your Summer Hikes

Underwear For Men Helps You Prepare for Your Summer Hikes

Improve Your Summer Hikes with UFM Pouch Underwear

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some of the most beautiful hikes. Every hiker, beginner to advanced, has a list of gear they take on their hikes. From the right pouch underwear to extra water in case of heat, summer hikes have their own set of adversities that need to be addressed. Even a trek of just a few hours requires planning. Stick to a routine that includes the right clothing, gear, and underwear for every hike. There is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution and ‘checking your work’ before you set out on the trails. The right gear can make or break your hiking experience. Invest in the right hiking essentials to stay comfortable, safe, and healthy on the trails.  

The Right Clothing and Pouch Underwear for Hiking

Clothing can make all of the difference in the hot summer weather. As you take step after step, your clothing choices can work with you or against you. UFM Pouch Underwear is an essential option for men that need to eliminate issues like chafing, sticking, odor, and constantly needing to adjust. UFM is made from a moisture wicking material that keeps you dry in the highest temperatures. Daniel S. says, “Chafing will never be a problem again in these underwear. I’d recommend this underwear to anyone, whether you are active, like me, or not.” Our US patented and Intl patents pending technology makes use of an adjustable pouch that feels customized to your manhood. UFM Men’s Underwear has a tapered leg which is designed to fit a man’s body. This means you won’t be dealing with material rolling up as you move. Your hiking underwear should work for you during the hottest times of the year. In addition to moisture wicking underwear, it is advisable to wear moisture wicking clothing on summertime hikes. We recommend bringing extra clothing in case the weather changes and a temperature drop occurs. It is better to err on the side of caution than to find yourself in a rainstorm without the right attire. If you have problems with your underwear riding up, UFM 9” Boxer Briefs are the solution.  This is a common for men with larger thighs, especially those who workout a lot.  UFM 9” feature a tapered leg that locks below the quadricep and keeps the leg in place.



What Gear to Bring on Every Hike

Even a shorter day hike requires the right gear. This starts with your clothing layers and footwear then branches out to necessary food, water, and equipment. Because you are going to be outdoors, you cannot predict what might happen. We recommend bringing the following things on every hike:

A Spare Set of UFM Pouch Underwear

Appropriate Footwear

Map or GPS

Extra Water and Food

Extra Clothing in Case of Weather Changes

A Multi-Purpose Tool

First Aid Kit



A Backpack


Take Your Hikes to the Next Level with Goal Setting

When you pick up hiking for the first time or get back into it for the summer, it is a great idea to set goals for yourself. Just like you set goals at work or school, establishing a hiking bucket list can push your progress further. If you don’t know where to start, consider searching for the best hikes in your area and going from there. Then you can set a goal like, “I can’t wait to hike this amazing peak and see the sunset from the top of the mountain”.

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Start out small and work up to different terrains, distances, and difficulty levels. No matter where you live, getting outside in the summer can bring about some of the most engaging hikes. Wildlife is active, plants are green, and flowers are blooming during this beautiful time of year. So, strap on your hiking boots, adjust your pouch underwear, and pull out your map to plan your next summertime hike.  

About UFM Underwear

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UFM Underwear manufactures and sells adjustable pouch underwear that doesn’t come presized. This means you get a fit that adjusts to your size and feels custom to your body. This can actually eliminate issues with discomfort and pain caused by hiking. One customer review said, “Much gratitude to UFM. After 10 years of pain while walking and hiking, I am pain free without surgery or drugs, and able to walk 3-4 miles a day again. I’m switching to UFM permanently.” UFM has a US patented and Intl patents pending pouch that gently supports and isolates your manhood – which also improves your profile view. UFM pouch underwear is recommended by urologists and can be used in place of other underwear options like jockstraps and compression shorts.  

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