When Should You Buy Polyester Underwear?

When Should You Buy Polyester Underwear?

Mens polyester underwear is the perfect solution for sports, men who sweat a lot, or those of us who like things with a tighter fit.

Sports and Sweating

Polyester has quickly become the go-to underwear for sports. This is largely due to the tighter fit and the moisture wicking abilities that it provides. Anyone familiar with a compression short will know the kind of tight fit Polyester provides.

Polyester underwear hugs right up against the skin. If you pull it away from your skin and let it go it will almost have a snap to it as it goes back to hugging against your body. Having this tighter fit means that the material is not moving around while on your body. When your body moves, it moves with you, not against you. A looser fit item, like a cotton, would move back and forth slightly when your legs move. But the more relaxed fit means it doesn't move all the way with you. Which causes more friction and eventually leads to chaffing. 

Any athlete is going to sweat when they workout. Even people playing cold weather sports are sweating underneath their layers of clothing. So moisture wicking is a key component of any item being used for sports. The tighter fit we discussed also plays a part in this because it allows the material to hug up against your body, allowing it to immediately absorb sweat. It pulls the sweat from your body and onto the material, wicking it from your skin and allowing it to dry quickly off the material. 

Polyester is ideal for high intensity sports like running, cross fit, football, and skateboarding. People in this demographic tend to go for polyester boxer briefs because the extra leg gives them more protection. 

What To Wear When Working

Your work environment should determine the kind of clothes that you wear. If you are in an office building the odds are you are probably dressing business casual. Whereas if you work in a warehouse you would be in more basic clothing like cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Then you have companies where you are required to wear their uniform, whatever that may be. 

Here are some work environments of people that would want polyester underwear:

  • Warehouse

  • Construction

  • Delivery Driver

  • Pool Cleaner

Basically, anything outdoors or subject to the elements is an ideal situation for polyester underwear. People in these types of jobs deal with constant moving meaning they are never sitting down. When you are moving constantly you want something that will move with you and not the other way as you move, which is what happens with looser fitting material. 

Polyester Briefs vs Polyester Boxer Briefs

Obviously, the material will be the same whether you are wearing polyester briefs or polyester boxer briefs. But both bring different forms of design and comfort to the table. 

Polyester Briefs would be close to a speedo fit. Meaning that it will be tight against your skin, covering only your pelvis and buttocks areas. The panel of material that runs between your legs will be right up against the scrotum and compress everything together well. In recent years more people have moved towards the boxer briefs style, viewing briefs as more of an old school look. But there are still lots of men out there that have worn briefs their entire lives and will never change. 

Polyester Boxer Briefs offer a tight fit as well but in different areas compared to the briefs. The panel of material that goes between your legs for boxer briefs doesn't press right up against the scrotal area. It hangs a couple inches lower. This is mainly due to the fact that there is also material going down your legs. The underneath panel and the legs combine underneath the scrotum so it is more of a loose cupping of the area, than the more pressed feeling of the briefs. However, this additional leg coverage comes in handy because it helps to prevent chaffing caused by your legs rubbing together. There is also a less likely chance of getting a wedgie when you move because the seams are all the way down your legs. Opposed to briefs where the seams run right along the crease where your legs and pelvis meet. 

Which one is right for you? Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! All men are different when it comes to body shapes, style, and comfort. If you have always worn boxer briefs then the odds are you would find a brief uncomfortable due to the tighter fit and cut. Same goes for people who always wore briefs, they tend to find boxer briefs more constricting and hotter because of the extra material.

But if your current underwear leaves something to be desired. You should consider trying a polyester material. Underwear For Men has both Polyester Briefs and Polyester Boxer Briefs

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