Moisture Wicking Science Explained: UFM Underwear For Men

Moisture Wicking Science Explained: UFM Underwear For Men

Why Moisture Wicking Fabric?

From t-shirts to underwear for men, it is becoming more and more popular for brands to make products from ‘moisture wicking’ fabric. Moisture wicking clothing does more than just look good on the wearer, it has a functional purpose as well. More than other options, styles that promise to keep you free of moisture need to provide what is promised. At Underwear For Men, all underwear is made from a moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. But, how does this attribute actually function? Educate yourself concerning moisture wicking fabric so you can make smarter purchasing decisions. At least 60 companies in the United States classify themselves as performance material brands. Learn about what you are purchasing to get the most bang for your buck.

Athletic Underwear And The Need For Moisture Wicking Fabric

The need for moisture wicking fabric came out of a need in the athletic sector. Although cotton is a breathable fabric, it does not dry quickly. Outdoor enthusiasts live by the saying ‘cotton kills’ because as you sweat, it absorbs your sweat but it does not dry quickly.  George Havenith of the Environmental Ergonomics Research Center says, “When you stop exercising, it feels like a cold towel against your skin. We call that ‘after-chill.” So, while cotton remains a favorite fabric for certain activities, it just isn’t the right choice for people that sweat a lot. Having fabric that does not hold sweat is especially important for your underwear because it is right up against your skin and the last thing you want to experience is chaffing. Where there is a need, the market tends to find a solution. This is where moisture wicking fabric comes in. 

Quick Dry Underwear moisture wicking fabric

How Does Moisture Wicking Fabric Work?

Moisture wicking fabric is hydrophobic, which translates to ‘water hating’. It is combined with a hydrophilic fabric, which translates to ‘water loving’, to create the desired effect. The material absorbs water away from the skin and pulls it to the surface of the fabric. So, while one part of the blend is absorbing sweat coming off of your body, it is also drying quickly thanks to the ‘water hating’ part of the blend. While Underwear For Men's current products offer superior sweat wicking properties, Underwear For Men's Generation 3.1, 4, and 5 briefs and boxer briefs will be even cooler, offering a semi-synthetic fiber called viscose. Studies show this material is an excellent choice for the inner fabric. It is lightweight and doesn’t break easily. It has high moisture absorption and is made from a sustainable plant.

Two Ways to Create Moisture Wicking Products

Companies use one of two methods in achieving moisture wicking capabilities from their garments. The first way is to apply a water-resistant treatment to the surface of a fabric. This is most often applied as silica. The treatment pulls the water into the fabric and away from the skin when you are sweating. The second way is to combine two types of fibers, one which is standard and one which is hydrophilic. The material touching the skin does not absorb much moisture but the outer fabric is more absorbent, which leaves the wearer dry and comfortable. So, if you look at a tag and see the name of a fabric you recognize and another you may not, you likely have a fabric with two types of material.

Moisture Wicking – Often Called Performance Material

Just because a company classifies its options as a performance material, the clothing may be marketed toward athletic use. This is not to say you cannot wear this clothing for other activities, especially if you tend to be a sweaty person or you live in a hot climate. Performance material does not regulate your body temperature and it does not improve your actual performance. They do, however, keep moisture away from your skin and keep you cool while moving. If a company is claiming anything beyond moisture control, you may want to try the fabric for yourself before buying a whole wardrobe from that brand. Companies are able to make claims, like improved performance or better oxygen levels, which may not come to fruition for everyone. At Underwear For Men, we recommend basing your purchases on pricing and comfort. We only claim to be moisture wicking with the side effects of keeping you cool and comfortable. Trust Underwear For Men to provide you with a superior athletic underwear and moisture wicking properties with every pair.

About Underwear For Men

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Underwear For Men is proud to be a men’s underwear brand that makes use of moisture wicking technology to create a better product. Our brand uses a US/International patented adjustable support pouch to isolate and support your manhood. Simply tie the drawstring to your desired level and you won’t need to adjust throughout the day. Underwear For Men cares about our customers and are always updating our products to provide an improved experience for all. Our design includes a tapered leg to prevent bunching, an adjustable pouch to fit your manhood, and sizing based on your waist size. Try Underwear For Men in Briefs, 3-inch Trunks, 6-inch Boxer Briefs, or 9-inch Boxer Briefs. Buy a pair (or three) today!

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