What Type of Mens Underwear Guy Are You?

What Type of Mens Underwear Guy Are You?

Every guy chooses some type of mens underwear, or lack thereof, in his daily life. Whether you are playing golf with your buddies or working at your desk, your underwear is with you every step of the way. So what does your underwear choice say about you? Is your current style working for you or against you? It’s like wearing shoes or choosing the perfect car, once you find the right mens underwear – you’ll know.


If you are a guy that sticks with boxers, this shows you are relaxed, consistent, and maybe a little stuck in your ways. Boxer wearers often choose this type of mens underwear because it is what they have been using for years. This basic underwear style shows you stick to your choices, are loyal in all aspects of your life, and tend to be a little more laid-back in your personality. With boxers, you can express your personal style with wacky patterns or bright colors, since the options are endless. This type of underwear used to be a favorite among men but is now dropping off in popularity as options for supporting your manhood get more diverse. If you are worried about support and keeping everything in place, it could be time to push your boxers to the back of the drawer. What to try next: Next time you reach for a pair of new underwear, don’t fall back on boxers. Opt for boxer briefs. You’ll get the length of boxers but the support a man needs.

No Underwear

Some men prefer the free feeling of living with no underwear. Whether you  save it for lounging around the house or go without on a daily basis, not wearing mens underwear is an option that involves no solution. Men that go commando are a little adventurous, pretty relaxed, and tend to be social. Even if you think you like the feeling of going without underwear, it is time to consider the downfalls of this routine. You are more susceptible to chafing, skid marks, and even sweat stains. As a man ages, he is susceptible to the effects of gravity on every part of the body. What to try next: Start your next adventure with a better fitting underwear that supports all of the activities you participate in. The right pair of briefs or boxer briefs will eliminate skin-to-skin contact, fit your waist and legs well, control odor.


stylish mens underwear with adjustable pouch

Sticking to briefs shows that you are down-to-earth and not easily swayed into following trends. You are likely a man that others can rely on for good advice, consistency, and solutions when necessary. It is possible your most trusted pairs are worn out, a little bit baggy, and even stained from recent skid mark mishaps. Standard brief options make use of cotton material and elastic support. This means, with every wash you are losing much-needed support in your men's underwear.  Your basic briefs are a great start to getting the support you need but an upgrade in the brand you choose might be the right option for you. What to try next: If you wear briefs, switching styles may not be necessary – switching brands could be your solution. A brand like Underwear for Men with its US patented and Intl patents pending customizable pouch that gently supports your manhood and provides you with much-needed relief. Customer Jeff H. says, “I’ve tried most of the other big store options. They all began to stretch in a few weeks losing shape and support...If you need great support and adjustability, UFM is the way to go!”  Unlike regular mens underwear options, this underwear doesn’t lose support with every laundry cycle.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a popular choice among men that have made the transition from the ultra-relaxed option of boxers and into the realm of what they believe to be more supportive men's underwear. Men that choose this style are welcome to change and known to be flexible in business and personal dealings. You might care about what others think of you as well as put an emphasis on appearance. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good when you strip down to your skivvies. The right boxer briefs are perfect for active, athletic guys that just don’t have time to adjust themselves on a regular basis. You might think you are getting support from regular boxer briefs, but what this option does is actually pushing your goods against your body without any form of isolation. What to try next: If you are finding that your briefs don’t give you the support you are looking for, it is time to switch brands. Many companies spend time making sure boxer briefs are tapered to fit a man’s leg and waist without any riding up. UFM Men's Underwear is the only brand of boxer briefs that provides actual support. It also improves the profile view of your manhood.

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Make the Switch to Better Mens Underwear

From briefs to boxers, choosing the best underwear for your needs can make your life more comfortable than you ever realized. Just remember -- the older you get, the more support you will need. Every part of your body is aging. It is time to move beyond the underwear you have been wearing for years and make a mature choice that will support your manhood. UFM, Underwear for Men, is a company focused on providing quality underwear options in brief and boxer brief styles. Our product uses a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch that gently supports you while preventing chafing and eliminating odor. Make your life easier and more comfortable by switching to underwear that is made for your body with UFM.


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