Why Underwear For Men is a Great Choice for Military Men

Why Underwear For Men is a Great Choice for Military Men

Military underwear should offer support, isolation, lift, and comfort all in one. No more chaffing or jock itch even after a full day in the field. 

Tough Conditions Call For Tough Underwear

Although the United States is comprised of different branches, these men and women each help to protect the liberties that are essential to every American. The U.S. Armed Forces consist of five branches: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. Each branch has its own attributes and unique challenges, but these men and women all work together to serve and protect the U.S.

Soldiers are provided with standard-issued uniforms. But is standard underwear something you really want for the men defending our country? 

Military Underwear In The Water

Men in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, in particular, learn to react to situations that involve amphibious approach, water survival and swimming for long distances and extended periods. Often, soldiers must adjust to shifting environments, going from dry to wet, in seconds. The correct equipment can be a difference-maker because it ensures men will quickly dry off, preventing rashes or chaffing that are the result of operating in a damp uniform. 

Among the most important attributes offered by Underwear For Men is the use of moisture-wicking materials. The Polyester fabric in our products is critical because of its combination of "water hating" and "water loving" properties. Designed to pull water off your body and onto the material and then dry quickly, these items ensure your comfort even in the wettest of conditions. 


Marching In Underwear For Men 

Military men are regularly required to march long distances while in full uniform and carrying gear. This combat preparation helps simulate the challenges seen in the field. Walking and running extended distances is the No. 1 cause of chafing and rashes. Even if chafing occurs, soldiers are not allowed to stop. They are required to fight on, as they would in a real combat situation regardless of the discomfort they are feeling. 

The drawstring adjustable support pouch is ideal for military men. Once you are situated in the pouch and tie the drawstring, you remain there throughout the day. This means the days of constantly adjusting yourself are over! Our adjustable pouch both isolates and supports your manhood, pulling you  up and forward to keep off your thighs and from between your legs. The result is less friction and therefore less chaffing. 

Danielle from Virginia says, "My husband is military and I bought these for him so that he would have some support during PT, etc.... He likes them and says they are very comfortable. He hasn't experienced any chafing or rashes from friction. There is a drawstring in the underwear that allows him to adjust the level of support to his liking. The drawstring did not cause my husband any discomfort while wearing the underwear. They are made out of a spandex type of material, which my husband found to be very comfortable and cooling. The underwear functions as stated and provides great support. My husband said his man business did not bounce all around while doing PT, so he was very happy with that..."

Military Underwear Helping Make Uncomfortable Conditions, More Comfortable 

When men in the military are deployed, they often must endure challenging living conditions. Whether on a boat, plane or in a bunker, there is limited time to think about comfort. Sometimes, these men must go multiple days without changing or showering. This lack of cleanliness can cause discomfort, a potential distraction from what is occurring on the field in front of them. 

Relying on standard underwear in these situations comes with many negatives. Quality. Smell. Comfort. Low-price underwear comes with low-quality results. It is not designed to be worn for days at a time or in extreme conditions and can begin to fall apart after just one long day. Low-quality material is prone to falling apart and stinking within a short period of time. It also tends to absorb sweat and dirt, causing discomfort not only for you but also others around you. 

Investing in your underwear is an investment in not only yourself but also those closest to you. 

UFM- The Best Military Underwear

"My husband is in the Army reserves and was excited to try them out," says Carol S., "He deals with chaffing a lot when working out, especially with running...The nice wide waist band stayed put and didn't roll. He said the underwear was very comfortable all around. He loved the adjustable support. It pulled everything where it needed to be and left him with perfect skin as a result. No chaffing, which made him a happy man. He said these will make his military bag every drill weekend now for sure."


UFM began as an athletic brand of men's underwear and quickly became a popular choice for all activities. Whether working out or sitting behind a desk, UFM fits your body and supports your manhood. It allows you to go from the obstacle  course to the mess hall without  changing or adjusting yourself. 

The 6-inch and 9-inch models are optimal for use as military underwear because the added leg length covers more of your body, which results in less chafing and irritation. They come with a tapered leg that helps prevent the legs from rolling up, even if you are jumping over a wall or crouching behind a barrier. 

Once you try a pair of UFMs, that's the only pair of underwear you will want in your gear bag. 

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