How Does UFM Patented Pouch Underwear Work?

How Does UFM Patented Pouch Underwear Work?

After underwear staying the same for years and years. Men have finally decided enough is enough. More and more companies are starting to offer mens pouch underwear so that we can get the support we deserve.

What Is Pouch Underwear?

Most briefs and boxer briefs are a similar material and cut from brand to brand. There is nothing fancy to them, all they do is mash everything together. Leaving you feeling cramped and uncomfortbale. Pouch underwear is a product that features some type of lining or support system that is designed to keep your scrotum separate from the rest of your body. Often times it is a panel of material, some type of sack, or in the case of UFM a drawstring support system. 

Even with pouch underwear it is usually a one size fits all. But not with Underwear For Men. Our patented drawstring support pouch allows for every man to adjust the pouch based on what is most comfortable for them. The pouch forms around, forming to your individual needs and offering a custom fit. So whether you are a high and tight or low and slow kinda guy, you know this pouch underwear will work for you. 

How Do You Wear Mens Pouch Underwear? 

Wearing pouch underwear can take some getting used to because it is not something men are accustomed to seeing as it is a fairly new invention. The most important aspects of wearing pouch underwear are making sure that you are comfortable, safe, and secure. The hope for pouch underwear is that you will no longer have to adjust yourself and you will never have the dreaded moment of sitting on yourself, ouch!

Here is how you would wear a pair of UFM Pouch Underwear. Our drawstring support pouch forms a loop on the front panel of your underwear. You situate your scrotum within the pouch, making sure that everything is laying correctly and feels comfortable. Then you pull both drawstrings together, this pulls the base of the pouch up which then causes the pouch to start forming around you. As you pull the drawstrings (less for minimal support, more for max support) you can continue to adjust yourself to make sure everything feels good. Then, once you feel comfortable, tie the drawstrings and you're done! Now you can go about your day knowing that you will be comfortable no matter the situation. 

If you are still unclear exactly how it works, we have a short video that gives a more visual example of how pouch underwear work

The Benefits Of Pouch Underwear!

Here are some of the key benefits to pouch underwear:

  • Security
  • Being Comfortable
  • Isolation
  • Support
  • Staying Cool

Pouch underwear is not your average underwear. They provide many benefits that you won't get from your basic boxers or briefs. Pouch underwear makes sure that you stay secured in one area, no more moving around and accidentally squishing something you don't want squished. This means you stay comfortable longer since you no longer need to adjust yourself or even worry about adjusting yourself. So not only do you physically feel more comfortable, but mentally too! UFM Pouch Underwear offers both isolation and support. Our support pouch keeps you out from between your legs, isolating you from the rest of your body. The pouch and drawstring also do all the suporting for you so you no longer have to rely on your body to do it. Both of these aspects help to keep you cool and allow that nice summer breeze to come through.

Now that you know about pouch underwear, how to wear it, and what it does. Go and get a pair to try out! With Underwear For Men you get $5 off your first pair using the code TRYAPAIR and we are sure once you try UFM, you won't want any other brand! Check us out. 

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