You Deserve More Than Just A Pad From Your Underwear

You Deserve More Than Just A Pad From Your Underwear

Just having a pad in your underwear isn't good enough. You need to make sure both yourself and the pad are held in the proper place so that everything can work correctly. UFM helps you avoid awkward accidents.

Why Padded Underwear?

The main reason for buying padded underwear is to help deal with incontinence issues. Having to worry about incontinence throughout the day can be a tiresome worry. But with the right products you can combat those situations and get your confidence back. 

Underwear For Men is not a pre-padded product. But it works with any basic incontinence pad (like Depends). Giving you the ability to select the style, material, and support level that you want. No "one size fits all" at Underwear For Men. Every man gets the custom fit that they deserve. 

UFM Padded Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are often the preferred option for people engaging in more physical activities. The extra leg coverage helps you to avoid chaffing, no matter what kind of repetitive movements you have to make. Boxer briefs also help you avoid wedgies because the seams are located away from the seams of your body. 

UFM Boxer Briefs come in both a Max Support and Regular Support option. The Max Support is higher up in the front of the item thus offering more lift. But there can be more pressure around the scrotum since the pouch is working harder to hold you up. This is often preferred if you are older or dealing with a lot of sag. The Regular Support option may not lift you up as much but it does a great job isolating you from your legs while still offering enough support to keep you safe and secure. Both options can be turned into padded underwear with an incontinence pad. So no matter what support level you need, a pad will work with it. 


UFM Padded Briefs

Briefs tend to offer more overall support because of the way they are designed. The seams run so close to the body and the material is held right against the skin that they tend to offer more overall support than a boxer brief. While we only offer the Brief in a Regular Support option, if you like this design the need for added lift (like with the Max Support) is not as necessary since the brief offers so much support already. With this kind of design the pouch works more to isolate you. 

Padded briefs don't offer much more than a standard brief other than the pad. But why buy a padded brief if all they are doing is adding the pad for you? UFM will still fit the pad in the pouch while isolating you and holding you out from between your legs. So you get a pouch that you can custom fit to you (depending on how much you pull the drawstrings). That way you stay comfortable and the pad stays in place.

Padded Underwear For Medical Use

While incontinence is the main reason for buying padded underwear. There are many other medical procedures where UFM can be applied to help during recovery. Many procedures like vasectomies, phalloplasty, and prostate cancer treatments require you to hold some amount of gauze or wrap around the area. Making sure it stays in place so that you can heal correctly and avoid infection.

When you are recovering from surgery the last thing you want to do is re-aggravate the area. Standard underwear (even the ones with good compression) mainly stuff you in-between your legs and hope the combination of compression and skin will hold everything in place. But is that really the best way to keep you safe? That still leaves you open to the chance or smashing or squishing something when you move. 

With Underwear For Men once you situate yourself in the pouch and pull the drawstrings, nothing is going to move. No more adjusting or even worrying about having to adjust yourself! The pouch keeps you right where you want to be, allowing you to make sure nothing interferes with your recovery. 


About Underwear For Men

UFM originally started as a sports underwear. Durability, strength, and support were obviously in our minds from the start. But as soon as UFM got out into the marketplace we immediately realized how much people in the medical field could benefit from our product. 

We have now been to the AUA World Conference since 2016 and that has helped us to be urologist recommended by doctors all over the world. Not only do doctors believe in our products, but so do their patients. 

Jeff D says, "I had hernia surgery and the hospital issued support strap was not providing enough support. I was looking online and came across the UFM website. We ordered 2 pairs of the Max-support boxer briefs and after wearing them for one day we ordered another 2 pairs! They provide great support, are comfortable and don’t “ride up”. Well done UFM!"

Underwear For Men comes in Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" and 9" Boxer Briefs. We offer Bamboo and Polyester materials. Bamboo being a softer, cooler material with a relaxed fit. Whereas Polyester is a tighter fitting material with the best moisture wicking abilities and the most compression. UFMs come in an XS (24-26) up to a 5X (56-58) so there is sure to be something for every man no matter what their preference. 

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