Mens Erotic UnderwearMost erotic underwear is worn to increase confidence and boost mood. You act how you feel and if you feel sexy, others will perceive you as being the confident, masculine male you are! Erotic underwear comes in many forms but the best type of erotic underwear for you depends entirely on your comfort level. Some believe that less is more whether it is a jock of a thong.  Maybe mesh is your thing. If you don't like baring your cheeks, thong underwear is not the way to go! If you like baring it all, sheer might be your best look. Learn about the Types of Men's Underwear. UFM Underwear does not fall into the category of erotic but it will most definitely give you a confidence boost. Your balls feel about 15 years younger and your package looks a few sizes larger. The best part is that everyone can see the difference, even with your clothes on.  UFM Underwear for Men is the only underwear on the market that puts you in control of isolation, support and comfort. It is underwear designed to fit you, no matter who you are. Want the feeling of erotic underwear without the lacy look? Try these: