UFM Men's Enhancing Underwear

UFM Men's Enhancing Underwear

Look like a Real Man, not a Ken Doll, with enhancing underwear by Underwear For Men. 

What's Enhancing Underwear?

Your more basic underwear relies on compression to offer support. But when it comes to looks all compression does is mash your more sensitive bits together, making everything look like one big lump or even worse a flat surface. Mens underwear should offer functionality, in that it support you. While also helping to define your manhood. Just like a bra enhances a womans womanhood, UFM offers enhancing underwear to support your manhood. 

Isolation Enhances Your Manhood

Isolating your manhood from the rest of your body is the first step in looking good. Your manhood has a very different shape than the rest of your body so getting real isolation and not just compression helps it look more defined compared to your standard underwear.  But isolation does more than look good, it helps keep you stay comfortable as well. Since your manhood is isolated from your legs and thighs that means there is no more rubbing which means you won't have to deal with chaffing. This also helps keep the material in place better because it can make direct contact with more parts of your skin. Protecting all the areas that are the most susceptible to rashes. 

Real Support For Real Enhancement 

UFMs drawstring adjustable support pouch finally offers real support for your manhood, not just separation. You situate your package within the boundary of the support pouch and then pull the drawstrings to form the pouch around you. This helps to lift you up and forward. Allowing your UFM to fully support you so that your body can take a break. The pouch can be adjusted by the drawstrings so that every man can find the fit that is most comfortable to them. You can pull the drawstrings all the way for a "high and tight" feel or keep it more relaxed for a "low and slow" support. 

Having real support also helps to make you look great. Since your important bits are being fully supported in front of you they are more noticeable when you want them to be but at the same time they do not show through your dress pants if you need to go to work. 

David S says, "Great fit and I love that I can control the support based on what I’m doing. My wife likes the way they look on me too."

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About UFM Enhancing Underwear

Underwear For Mens drawstring adjustable support pouch is a patented design that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Offering real support, lift, isolation, comfort, and so much more. People use it for a variety of activities from sports to work to medical to everyday wear because you want to be comfortable and look good at all times. Available in Briefs, 3" Trunks, 6" and 9" Boxer Briefs from sizes XS (24-26) up to 5X (56-58) we are sure to have something for every man regardless of size, shape, or situation. 

UFM mens enhancing underwear finally came through with a design that offers style and functionality. 

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