Compression shorts, as well as compression underwear, are athletic undergarments made of synthetic fabric. Many athletes love compression shorts. For many men, compression shorts are a step beyond wearing a jockstrap. Even though they are popular, compression shorts don't solve every problem a man experiences. These shorts tend to constrict and squish your manhood against your body. There is a better solution out there, one that is better than the jockstrap and compression shorts. Try a pair today. It won't take long for you to realize boxer briefs from UFM work for sport and athletic use. Underwear For Men makes adjustable pouch underwear for sport and athletic use. Guys wear them to the gym, for sporting events, to run, and more. Try a pair for yourself of Underwear For Men and you'll switch from compression shorts for good. Our boxer briefs fit a man as he exercises and moves.

Compression Versus Support

For many guys, the feeling that comes with high tech compression brands is constriction. You simply pull on your compression shorts and your manhood is already squished against your body. While compression keeps your manhood squished by support does much more. Underwear For Men is a product which supports and serves as a functional pair of athletic underwear. Our brand makes use of a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch which creates a gentle hammock for your manhood. We provide you with a firm fit that keeps your manhood secure without forcing you to feel squished. Try a pair of our boxer briefs today to experience the difference. When put side by side against a pair of compression shorts, choose our boxer briefs for athletic wear.

Manage Heat, Sweat, and Chafing underwear for men

In addition to other features, the support provided by compression shorts is mainly done through a tight and firm fit. Pouch underwear made by Underwear For Men provides adequate support when the drawstrings are tied. Simply adjust to your preference to create a gentle hammock for your manhood. While you are working out, UFM wicks moisture from your body and keeps you cool and dry. Our boxer briefs are popular among men of all fitness levels because of their moisture wicking features and anti-chafing properties. Your body stays cool and dry when you are wearing UFMs. This halts chafing entirely. If you are ready to depend on your own athletic prowess and focus on the game, switch to Underwear For Men. Our men's underwear brand focuses on support, comfort, and durability. The adjustable pouch ties easily and holds your manhood high and tight to suit your needs. The cooling mesh pouch keeps you comfortable as you bend, twist, and move. No matter how many times you wash them, our men's underwear stays supportive.

Boxer Briefs With a Tapered Leg Design

While compression shorts rely on tightness to adhere to your body, Underwear For Men relies on our tapered leg design. Our boxer briefs stay put on your leg as you bend and move because of a uniquely cut tapered leg. This eliminates bunching, stops rolling, and allows you to focus on your sport of choice. Boxer briefs from UFM suit a man's needs without being too tight or constricting.

About Underwear For Menmens underwear for exercise

Our men's underwear company designs boxer briefs and briefs for men. Our original product was intended for athletic use. It didn't take long to realize men also wear our boxer briefs and briefs for everyday, work, and medical reasons as well. Try out our brand if you don't like compression shorts and you just might find yourself wearing UFMs on a daily basis. We make anti-chafe, moisture wicking men's underwear in briefs, 6 inch boxer briefs, and 9 inch boxer briefs. These product lines suit men with various style preferences as well as guys of various sizes. Underwear For Men comes in sizes up to 5X to suit Big and Tall wearers.