UFM Boxer Briefs VS Compression Shorts

UFM Boxer Briefs VS Compression Shorts

Compression shorts have long been the preferred athletic garment. But updates to underwear styles, like the invention of a support pouch, has changed the game. 

How Compression Shorts Work

Compression shorts are designed to fit tightly to your body, which offers many advantages for those who wear them. In addition to increasing blood flow and helping prevent muscle soreness, the materials used in compression shorts prevent chaffing while also wicking away sweat. The result is a healthier body and a more comfortable overall experience. 

Compression Shorts Help

Compression shorts, as well as compression underwear, are athletic undergarments made of synthetic fabric. Many athletes utilize compression shorts during workouts because they stick tightly to their body. This means the material is moving with you and not against you, saving energy and creating comfort. 

While looser-fitting items tend to create friction that can lead to rashes and chaffing, compression shorts and underwear constantly wick away sweat. Because the material is tight to your skin, the moisture is immediately pulled from your body to the fabric. Synthetic materials also dry faster than natural ones, meaning your apparel and your body will remain dry.

Compression garments are a step beyond wearing a traditional jockstrap and can be used in conjunction for the ultimate combination of support and comfort. The jockstrap offers stability while the compression garments wick away sweat to prevent irritation.  

Compression Shorts Versus Jockstrap

Simply put, compression is not the same as support.

Most compression garments are designed to push everything together. While this works great in areas such as our thighs, legs, and buttocks, it is not helpful when it comes to the scrotum. Compressing that area may be better than letting it hang loose. However, the ideal option is to be supported and comfortable, not shoved between your legs or against your thighs, which can be unpleasant and result in an unenjoyable (and squished!) experience. 

True support is only found in accessories such as jockstraps and support-pouch underwear. Items such as these are designed to hold everything together in one place and prevent movement. The downside is jockstraps are often bulky and uncomfortable. 

Compression Shorts vs Boxer Briefs

As time has passed, these two items have become increasingly alike. Compression shorts may be longer than standard boxer briefs, but similar fabrics are often used. Boxer briefs can be made with the same material — polyester, for example — as compression shorts. When that happens, there is a negligible difference between the two options. 

However, whereas some boxer briefs are made with more relaxed materials such as cotton, compression shorts must be built to wick away sweat when used for athletics or other high-energy activities. Therefore, while some boxer briefs are made out of cotton or other natural fibers, compression shorts require a more specific design. 


Underwear For Men

Compression shorts, jockstraps, boxer briefs — so many different options and combinations can be annoying and difficult to choose between. Underwear For Men is here to provide the perfect solution. 

The Adjustable Support Pouch

What truly sets UFM apart from the competition is our drawstring adjustable support pouch. The drawstring forms the pouch in the front panel of your UFM. You situate yourself within the boundary of the drawstring and then pull it to form the pouch around you. From there, you are able to pull the drawstring tighter or loosen it based on your preference. This offers every man the chance to be comfortable with a custom fit support pouch. 

Boxer Briefs With a Tapered Leg Design

While compression shorts depend solely on tightness to adhere to your body, Underwear For Men relies on our tapered leg design to help keep everything in place. Our boxer briefs stay put on your leg as you bend and move because of a uniquely cut tapered leg. This eliminates bunching, rolling and allows you to focus on your activity of choice. Boxer briefs from UFM suit a man's needs without being too tight or constricting and ensure comfort along the way. 

High Quality, Sweat Wicking Materials

UFM was originally designed for use in athletics, so we always keep sweat wicking in mind. Both materials (Polyester or Bamboo) that we offer have great sweat-wicking capabilities. In fact, Bamboo has a similar feel to cotton but wicks sweat much more efficiently. 

Polyester wicks sweat the best and is used in many compression shorts. This material is often preferred for high-energy exercises, such as a trip to the gym. Bamboo is typically preferred for low-energy activities, such as golfing or home projects. 

Compression Short vs Jockstrap? Neither! UFM is the Clear Winner

Battling with the decision between getting compression shorts or a jockstrap? No more! UFM has a product that offers both compression and support, cutting down on the bulk of wearing multiple items. That means the best in comfort and functionality. 

Available in sizes up to 5X and in your favorite styles such as Brief, 3" Trunk, 6" or 9" Boxer Brief. UFM is sure to have an item to help fit your need.

Don't wait, try a pair today!

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